35 bodies stolen from Karachi cemetery


Police claimed on Wednesday to have arrested two brothers for stealing some 35 dead bodies from their graves at a cemetery in Gadep Town to sell to practitioners of black magic. Sindh Governor Ishratul Ebad had taken notice of the incident and ordered police to conduct an investigation to find the culprits. Police said the incident was reported after Eid prayers and most of the missing bodies were of children.
The governor has also tasked the authorities with an immediate report on the frequent incidents of grave-robbing in Karachi. Police had suspected the grave-robbers exhumed the bodies to either sell the remains or indulge in necrophagy (eating dead bodies), or perhaps to indulge in necrophilia. Reports of similar acts have surfaced at an alarming rate, the most recent being the Nazimabad area disinterment of young girls’ corpses by a man to satiate his morbid perversion. The accused reportedly confessed to the acts and said they wanted to sell the bodies to practitioners of black magic. The profane incident has stirred anger among the public at large, especially the families of those whose bodies were stolen.
Gadep Town Police said they had caught the accused after a series of raids. The bodies were reported missing by families visiting the graves of their departed relatives to offer fateha on Eid. According to the people living in the vicinity, most of the robbed graves were new. A large number of people flocked to the graveyard after hearing about the gruesome act. Some suspicious men present at the cemetery insisted that the graves had sunk into the ground because of rains and no incident of grave-robbing had taken place.


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