Govt should expose BB’s killers: Mirza


Former Senior Minister Sindh Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has said that government should tell the nation that who was behind the killing of Benazir Bhutto, who conducted the blast and who was responsible for negligence in security arrangements.
Speaking at a public rally at Hyderabad on Sunday he said that sycophants and sons of time gang is busy in blackmailing President Zardari and he don’t even set ears on any piece of good advices given by his sincere friends.
“If I would had to kill 10,000 men for the reverence and respect of Sindh , I would not avoid it. I would expose the black deeds of five corrupt provincial ministers very soon”, Mirza added.
He said he always saw those leaders of PPP with the eye of anger, which carried out trade of BB’s blood .Qaim Ali Shah, Siraj Durrani and Manzoor Wasan should not forget the fact if they are enjoying the high slots , it is by virtue of the blood of great Benazir Bhutto. They have not any worth without using her name. Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq who was in exile in London, but Benazir Bhutto supported him financially for the education of his children.
“When I saw President Zardari he was surrounded by the flatterers’ group, so I tied up my belt to save Sindh.The valiant people of the province are standing with me and they would not let anybody to deal on the interest of Sindh”, he added.
He said that restoration of Commissionerate System in Sindh and failure of the government to bring back Nazims is not his success alone but the it is the victory of the people.
Mirza said that protests are being held against him in Hyderabad and it is the matter of shame that here PPP has not even 25 workers.
He said that he gave away about 0.3 million arms licenses during his tenure as provincial home minister just to safeguard the dignity of Sindh province.
He was of the view that those who are supporting MQM, actually belong to anti Islamic and anti state group. “ I pay tribute to Pir Pagara who never compromised on principles. As a matter of MQM is imposed on the heads of brave Urdu speaking people . Today they are facing his atrocities and I am fighting for their rights.”, he added.
He said MQM is blackmailing President Zardari and the workers of PPP are tired of the lifting the dead bodies of their companions and dear ones.


  1. Why this demand for the killers of Benazir Bhutto when he is no more in power? The killers of Benazir Bhutto must be brought to book but why was this demand not made earlier when he was in the office? Zulfiqar Mirza and his wife Fehmida Mirza are the direct beneficiaries of the untimely death of Benazir Bhutto. She never liked such opportunists as Zulfiqar Mirza and always kept them at a distance. Did anyone hear about the husband and the wife when Benazir was alive? I for one never heard about them in the past.

    Zulfiqar Mirza was a friend of Asif Zardari who benefited greatly from him and built a business empire out of nowhere. When he was made the home minister in Sindh for his connections with the president, he started flexing his muscles and creating a gang of criminals and terrorists in order to terrorize the business community of Karachi for collection extortion and ransom money.

    People's Amn Committee backed by Zulfiqar Mirza kidnapped children of businesspersons and obtained huge amount of money in ransom. According to a report published in Daily Jang, Rs 40 crores were collected in just one year.

    Urdu-speaking people do not need such drunkards to liberate themselves.

  2. Zulfiqar Mirza should expose the killers of BB himself instead of creating all this drama. His open confessions about giving 300,000 licenses to his hoodlums makes it clear to everyone who was behind the bloodshed in Karachi. He is an unhappy man who wants everyone to be miserable like him. He wants to change the world but isn’t willing to change himself. Before calling others corrupt…He should first present himself for accountability that how did a 12,000Rs salaried employee of PIA is now a multi-billionaire with 6 houses in Karachi, thousands of acres of agricultural land, 3 sugar mills, businesses in dubai, malaysia, america. Zulfiqar is just talk and no action. Like an old proverb says “Dogs that bark…don’t usually bite”

  3. ZM's flip-flop makes him an extremely discredited person both in politics and in his personal life. He proclaims himself as a "Jayala" but he was nowhere to be found in PPP's history until 1986. Even in his first few years with PPP, he was more in friendship with Asif Zardari then being a PPP loyalist. He spoke openly about breaking-up of Pakistan and now he's becoming a patriot. He used to bad mouth about Islamic parties and now he sees "Islam in danger". He visited MQM London office and met with Mr. Altaf Hussain to get a lifeline for his ministry and now he calls MQM a traitor. He is nothing but a psychopath. He needs to be treated before he ignites a fire of hatred in Sindh.

  4. I am one of his class mates lising abroad now and can not trust ZM at all..I remember when we were arrested in hyderabad with some girls and other illegal material few years back …ZM is the one who swear upon GOD, his parents and Holy book that he was not part of the event and he just visited them…which was absolutely rubbish…I dont believe him ever 1% …

    ZM: Rremember 1990 Lajpat road hyderabad…. : )

  5. Yes, Govt. should expose BB killers as well as killers of Mir Murtaza Bhutto ?
    Whats your opinion Mirza Sb on this ??

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