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Women finalising Eid preparations

Women are finalising their preparations for Eidul Azha with special focus on cooking a variety of dishes besides purchasing dresses.
Shama, a housewife, said sweets were something that could not be neglected. “Eid without sweets is incomplete. People present sweets to their relatives and guest when they visit their home on Eid day.” The focus is on buying spices, recipe books and ingredients for grilling special meat dishes and barbecue. After offering Eid prayers, slaughtering the sacrificial animals to seek Allah’s blessing is the common practice as an individual or in groups as per their convenience. A variety of dishes are cooked on Eid, as barbecue parties add charm to the festive moments.
“The occasion of Eidul Azha is always fun-filled as my entire cousin gathered at our rooftop and we enjoy the barbecue party and other meat dishes at night,” Aliyaan, a local resident, said. “However, mutton biryani, pulao, beef nehari and shami kabab are the special dishes, which are cooked during the three days of Eid,” he added. A colourful Eid cannot be imagined without women as they cook, make dresses and cheer on their family members.

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