Skin specialist warns against application of poor quality henna


The growing trend among young girls and women to apply processed henna and other relevant items used for make-up could be extremely hazardous due to little consideration towards their quality, said a senior skin specialist. Dr Sumera Asif in a statement on Sunday warned that different creams, lotions and processed henna available in the market are causing skin diseases among the users, mainly women and young girls. “Many of these products contain a high content of chemicals and can produce immediate results as required by the applicants, but are extremely hazardous in the long-term,” said the skin specialist.
She took strong exception to the rampant indifference towards maintenance of quality standards for cosmetics available in the markets and used in many of the beauty parlours. She said there is no dearth of cases of severe skin infections due to use of low-quality cosmetics. “Damage caused to skin of the applicants in many of the instances is irreparable,” added the specialist. The doctor said poor consideration towards sterilisation of kits used for pedicure and manicure also result in fungal infections. As many affected people are not referred in time to qualified professionals, it results in extreme inconvenience to them, she added.