No action against cop illegally occupying house


Despite sending written applications to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), a poor clerk is still waiting to get his house vacated of a police official illegally occupying it currently.
A Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) lower division clerk (LDC) has been running from pillar to post for the last six months to get his house vacated by an Islamabad police sub-inspector, but police officers are paying no heed.
LDC Khan Muhammad Bughio told Pakistan Today that he was a poor man and he had been serving in the FDE since 1988 and after a long struggle he had been allotted a government-owned house in April. He said after taking control of the house, he locked it for a few days, and went to visit his hometown to share his happiness with his family. However, he said that upon returning after one week he found his house occupied by a policeman.
Bughio said despite his repeated requests, police officials were avoiding the illegal occupant. He said that he had submitted applications to the IGP’s office (Diary no 21984 dated 25-10-2011) and SSP’s office but no action had been taken. He said that he had also filed a written complaint at Ramna Police Station against the said sub-inspector, but nothing was being done.
“They know that I am a low paid employee and have no political influence, so they let it continue,” Bughio said. He said that he was a permanent resident of village Phul Khan Bughio, Taluka Mor, district Nowshero Feroz in Sindh and due to the recent floods which had wreaked havoc in the southern province, his house had also been badly damaged and currently his family was living under the open sky.
The clerk said that since his house had been destroyed in the floods, he wanted to shift his family from Sindh to Islamabad but financial constraints stopped him. Bughio appealed to the chief justice also. “I was allotted a government quarter in sector G/10/3, but an Islamabad police sub-inspector illegally occupied my quarters and whenever I have asked him to vacate it he has threatened me with dire consequences,” he said.
Bughio said that on April 29, the Estate Office Islamabad had allotted him quarter no 57/14- Category V in sector G-10/3. “Since the day of the allotment the government has been deducting the house rent from my salary against the allotment of the said quarter, which is occupied by Islamabad Police Sub-Inspector Muhammad Akmal, who is currently serving in the Anti Terrorism Squad there,” the clerk said. “Despite the passage of ten days, the concerned police officials have not made a move against their belt fellow,” Bughio concluded. When contacted last Sunday, the sub-inspector said, “I will vacate this house in a few days as I am in search of an alternative shelter.” However, nothing has happened since then.