It’s raining holidays for govt employees! Hallelujah!


Most employees of the federal and provincial governments would be enjoying eight holidays including those on account of Eidul Azha, which is being celebrated on Monday (today) in most parts of the country. Most government employees would be enjoying Eid holidays until Sunday, November 13. People working in the government sector are known to avail every opportunity to make the most of any holiday falling on a day that could enable them to take the longest time off work. This Eid is falling on a day following a public holiday, that is Sunday, November 6; November 7 and 8 (Monday and Tuesday) are official Eid holidays; the national holiday of Iqbal Day would be observed on November 9 (Wednesday).
Following that, the federal government’s employees would be left with two and the provincial governments’ employees with three working days; therefore, most employees of the federal government are taking off on November 10 and 11 (Thursday and Friday) and provincial governments from November 10 to 12 (Thursday to Saturday).
While visiting various offices of the Sindh Secretariat, it was observed that about 70 percent of the employees have been granted three days’ leave so that they could enjoy Eid with their families in their native towns or villages.
Moreover, the bureaucracy would also be unavailable in their offices as all of them would be in their native towns, said a senior official.
Another reason he cited for the officials’ leave is the sudden increase in fare of public transport during Eid holidays.