It’s ‘black’ or white… no idea in Sindh as far as LG is concerned


On the call of the Save Sindh Committee (SSC), a “black day” was observed across the province on Sunday to protest non-issuance of the notification for reviving the Sindh Local Government Ordinance and the commissionerate system passed by the Sindh Assembly.
Black flags were hoisted in different parts of Karachi and other districts of Sindh, whereas the demonstrators wore black arm bands. Rallies were taken out in every district headquarters.
The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)-led government has once again hit a snag as the province is running without a constitutionally approved administration.
Constitutional experts said after the lapse of the governor’s ordinance on SLGO-2001’s revival, every government official or minister’s order would be deemed illegal.
Barrister Zameer Ghumro said a case under Article 6 of the Constitution could be registered against the chief minister, provincial ministers and administrative officers.
“Every officer who passes any order will be illegal. He can go to jail. There is no law, under which they could pass any order,” he added.
There is a need to issue a notification regarding the revival act passed by the provincial assembly. The notification of appointments of commissioners and deputy commissioners has been prepared by the chief secretary, but the provincial cabinet has yet to allow issuance of the notification regarding the LG system’s restoration act.
Constitutional expert Mujeeb Peerzada said the chief minister has left for haj and would return after Eid. “There is no acting chief minister in Sindh. The province will run without a chief minister for 10 days as the powers weren’t transferred to senior minister Pir Mazharul Haq,” he added.


  1. Never seen such a weak and meek and diffident federal government in general and Sindh provincial government in particular that it has brought shame to itself. Having clear majority in the provincial assembly which they never had in the past they are not able to come to aspiration of Sindhi majority. It appears that PPP does give a damn to it’s voters. When the majority members of the provincial legislators want to kick the LG system out then why PPP ministers are capitulating before members of Rabita Committee of blackmaiors.

    PPP should wake up and come up to the aspirations of the majority.

  2. Zardari thinks that MQM will prop him up in time of need. Altaf ordered a rally in Asif’s support not because of love for him but to extract money and political benefits for his mafia outfit. It was ridiculous for the PPP to not to organise rally by itself which would have more dignified. But, I suppose PPP knew that it could not pull a big crowd as it used to.

    MQM is like snake whose appetite is insatiable. PPP has no guts to say to MQM that LG system is dead and they will have to accept old system.

    Soon you will find Raza Haroon and Anis Qaimkhani holding press conference and spewing venom against Zardari if their blackmail fails

  3. MQM has never accepted money from anyone. This has been accepted by the operatives of the secret agencies who tried to the bribe the MQM and its leader Altaf Hussain. Brig Imtiaz said that he went with a briefcase full of money to Altaf Hussain on the orders of the then DG ISI but Altaf Hussain refused.

    The MQM is negotiating over the LG system in order to protect the interest of its electorate. The corrupt commissioner system has never delivered any results in the country. The officials are mostly incompetent and they want to make money one way or other. They do not feel themselves accountable before the public.

    I live in Karachi and I can feel the difference. Ever since the LG system was wrapped the civic amenities have had a consistent decline. Karachi is in shambles.

  4. The LG system is a success story and has proven to be beneficial for the masses. It is working perfectly all around the world. Only an illiterate fool can reach the assumption that MQM would hold a rally to support Zaradri to extort money from him! MQM’s rally was about supporting the symbol of federation, the President of Pakistan. And I don’t understand why are some people so shocked if MQM holds a rally in support of the President. So what? PPP and MQM are coalition partners after all. There is a reason MQM was able to hold a rally in 36 hours notice in which over 1 million people showed. MQM has the support of the masses! So deal with it!

  5. Observing "black day" a day before Eid or a day before Independence day is now becoming a tradition of some people labeling themselves as "Nationalist". Traveled to Qasimabad from Karachi on Sunday to spend Eid with family, has seen no such sign of black day in Karachi or on way to Hyderabad or even in Qasimabad. Every where i saw goats and cow and people full of joy. I think the reporter should check once again what story he was willing to report ?
    Secondly either its a local government system or a commissionaire system, People of Sindh need Development, Care and Justice. Are the people giving calls of black days capable enough to provide them with these three things ?

  6. Brig Imtiaz is an unreliable and most corrupt officer. He has been derided and ridiculed by two army officers who conducted search operation. So to say that Brig Imtiaz took a briefcase stacked with millions of dollars to MQM Supremo is just a concoction.

    LG was imposed without consent of the majority in Sindh by Gen Mush and literally handed over Karachi and Hyderabad to MQM thugs. Which wonders they have produced. Lyari remains slum neighbourhood. There are no roads, schools or sanitation. Sewerage system is choked.

    Yes, two or three flyovers were constructed but no one knows why the hell they are substandard and unsafe despite billions of rupees spent and why can't the audit of the accounts be held. What has it to do with the policy of reconciliation?

  7. MQM a party known to represents middle and the lower middle class people from the urban areas of Karachi and Hyderabad. MQM wanted continuation of existing nazims as administrators till the local bodies’ election was held,while the PPP wished to appoint bureaucrats as administrators as the 1979 LG system .As a Karachitte we all know how much development was done under this system.Local Government Ordinance (LGO) envisages an ideal and compatible system of governance at the local level. "But vested interests, including overwhelming majority of officials in the bureaucracy want to keep power in their hands instead of devolving them to the people at the grassroots level,All the stakeholders are of the opinion the LG system is perfect and ideally workable, but the non-implementation of local laws in letter and spirit has led many to think that system is not workable…Now its up to the common people to do their share and see what is in the interest of a common person,rather then pointing fingers without any justification.

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