Govt seeks repatriation of disgraced cricketers


The Pakistan government on Saturday directed the PCB and its High Commission in the UK to submit a detailed report on a recent spot-fixing case in order to repatriate three jailed cricketers. Interior minister Rehman Malik told reporters a meeting had been held with a view to seeking repatriation of the guilty players. “During a high-level meeting president Zardari on Friday directed the PCB to submit a report which should include recommendations on how to avoid a repeat of such incidents,” said Malik. “The government would consider bringing the three players home. We have also requested Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the UK, Wajid Shamsul Hassan, to provide necessary legal aid to them and he has been asked to submit a report.” Malik, who said the players could still be innocent, termed the whole episode “unfortunate.” “It’s unfortunate what happened, the government will form a commission to investigate the matter thoroughly and the players will not be left alone,” said Malik. In a separate investigation, the International Cricket Council had also banned the three cricketers for a minimum of five years. “Despite their guilty verdicts in both the ICC hearings and the recently concluded criminal trial in London, we cannot rule out the possibility of any of the convicted players being innocent.”


  1. UK ne faisla bhi kar dia and our Govt is yet to form a commission. Aisa bayan dete hue bhi sharam nahi ati Rehman malik ko.

  2. I think they should just let this pass. They should have gotten involved before the conviction and sentencing. All we have here is some meaningless banter and possibly a weak attempt to divert attention and headlines.

  3. The current PPP government is lazy and behind time. UK prisons have changed over a period of time. The cricketers will learn a lot there.

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