10-day training programme concludes


There is an urgent need of building and strengthening institutions for the poor and marginalised communities, particularly for women, to distribute equal rights for development in the society.
This was stated by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) Chief Executive Qazi Azmat Isa at the conclusion of ten days training programme entitled ‘Role of Community Institutions in Development Process’. He said the inclusion of women was essential for mobilisation of communities in its true spirit while the participation of women in all spheres of life could bring better economic changes in the society. He said the input of community institutions in progress of women and vulnerable segments of society were appreciative. He stressed the need for ensuring good governance and social inclusion at all levels of the institutional development.
The objective of training was to develop institutions in South Waziristan, which could take development initiatives particularly focusing on poor and women so that they might have access to mainstream market and public provision including health and education.Twenty-four participants from the PPAF partners including Community Motivation and Development Organization (CMDO), SERVE and Social Action Bureau for Assistance in Welfare & Networking (SABAWON) attended the training.