Veena says no to Asif


Four days before the British courts declared former Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif guilty of match-fixing, on October 28, Pakistani actress Veena Malik received a distress call from London telling her to immediately rush to the city to be with him. The actress shared a live-in relationship with him for a year and a half. (Also see: Top 10 disgraced sportsmen)
Apparently the much-married Asif wanted to mend bridges with Veena. The actress says that the offer was firmly turned down. Veena says, “It was a mutual friend from, London, Zahid Ali Saab, who called me on October 26 stating that Asif wanted see me desperately and he wanted reconciliation. I declined. How can I turn back the clock? Asif and I shared a beautiful if stormy relationship. We were together until 2008 when I came to know about his match-fixing activities; I left him.”
“Even when we were together I tried to warn him against what he was doing. I am not surprised by the court’s verdict. But I am sad for him,” she adds.
Was the offer to return to the beleaguered cricketer tempting? “I can’t deny I still have feelings for him. Relationships don’t die,” admits the actress, and adds, “I’ve no hard feelings about any of my former boyfriends. My time with Asif was special. But I’ve moved on.” Speaking about her ex-boyfriend’s wife, Veena says, “Asif is a happily married man. I know his wife Sanaa. In fact, when they were getting married, she called me up to find out about my relationship with Asif. I told her to please go ahead with the marriage.”
Veena says getting involved with a married man is a complete no-no for her. “I would never do that to another woman.”
In fact, to avoid any temptation, Veena says she even cancelled her trip to England. “I was supposed to be there this week for an event. It’s best not to create situations where things can go out of hand.”


  1. She is trying to prove her self an innocent. Or trying to prove Asif a guilty!!
    I can bet you on that she don't even remember how much Bf's he had!!

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