US open to selling F-35 jet fighters to India


The United States expressed interest on Wednesday in selling its most sophisticated fighter to India, just six months after New Delhi rejected two older US warplanes in a competition for an $11 billion contract.
The US Defence Department, in a report to Congress on US -India security cooperation, said if New Delhi indicated an interest in Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Pentagon would be willing to provide information on the aircraft’s security and infrastructure requirements.
“The F-35 is something that we would be more than willing to talk to the government of India about should they request to find out more information about purchasing it,” said Robert Scher, deputy assistant secretary of defence for South Asia.


  1. I have gone 2 times in India and think they can make their own SUPER FIGHTERS, i saw that India have a huge potential in Industrial Development and Technology, Here in US i saw lot of Engineers from India, So i thnk they are not going to purchase these fighters

  2. During my visit to Pakistan, I saw a vibrant science and technology community. They have a vast industrial base, Their expertise in complex engineering and high tech design is second to none. There is also a massive semiconductor, computer and electronics design and manufacturing base.

    In terms of software, Pakistan is second only to US.

    I think Pakistan will dump its F16s and the Chengdu J7s in favor of building their own stealthy aircraft with fly by wire and super cruise features.

    It is aid that Pakistan is skipping the development of F-35 class aircraft, and instead, is looking at the FA22 class aircraft to leapfrog over India.

  3. and make their illusions of greater pakistan come true?pakistan software gaint?i bet this community exists in the Swat region……and im sure they'r just disguising themselves as gun totting militants.

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