Fallon spoofs Bieber: ‘(It’s not my) Baby’


Justin Bieber has tweeted that he’s trying to “focus on the positive” instead of the rumors and gossip, which may or may not be in reference to that paternity lawsuit he’s been hit with.
(If you’re just joining us, a 20-year-old has reportedly claimed she had sexual relations with Bieber last October in a bathroom backstage at one of his L.A. concerts, a tryst that she alleges resulted in a 3-month-old baby boy. Bieber has called the allegations not only false, but malicious.)
Enter Jimmy Fallon, who was more than happy to take up the 17-year-old singer’s cause on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’. In a pitch perfect spoof on Bieber’s hit single ‘Baby’, Fallon croons from underneath his Bieber-esque wig and cap, “You said we did it and I’m the dad. My lawyers trippin’, ‘cause this looks bad. You only said this to get my cash, and now Selena Gomez is going to kick my ass. It’s not my baby, baby, baby, no!”
Other lyrical gems include, “You said…I only lasted 30 seconds, but that’s not true, that’s a lie – it was totally more like 45,” and, “Her claims I deny flatly; I ain’t that baby’s daddy.” Elsewhere, the real Bieber is also denying claim of something else – that dog he supposedly adopted with Selena Gomez last month.
But the teen singer made it clear to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show yesterday that he’s not responsible for the pup.
“It’s so funny because…I never got a new dog. I didn’t adopt a dog,” Bieber said emphatically. “A friend of mine did. It really has nothing to do with me. I don’t have anything to do with that dog. It’s not my dog.” And for those who didn’t hear him correctly the first 12 times he said it, Bieber added for effect: “I think he’s a cute dog, but he’s not my dog.”