Robbers roam free in Pindi


Incident of robberies, pickpocketing and fleecing the citizens are increasing at an alarming rate in the city, as police have opted to remain inattentive towards the situation. Citizens on Wednesday complained against the authorities’ failure to curb the trend, as robbers are roaming free, a reality proved by the increased cases of mobile and car snatching and other crimes. They deplored the fact that police were playing the role of a silent spectator. They asked the authorities concerned to take some solid steps so that the criminal elements could receive an exemplary punishment.
Misal Khan, a resident at Faizabad, said some unidentified thieves barged into his rented home during night and took away eleven thousands rupees and a mobile phone from his room while he was asleep. He said he was a poor labourer and worked on daily wages at a local restaurant. He further said these incidents had become a routine matter in the area.