Plea to Imran Khan


People of Pakistan have shown their trust on your leadership and are prepared to ignore certain part of your political ideology, plan to deal with the Taliban and foreign policy issues.

No doubt the majority of people are fed up with old politicians due to their failure to solve the multifaceted problems faced by the people. The present leaders of PPP and PML(N) disappointed the people.

Instead of working for the welfare of masses, they have been looking after their personal interest.

It is imperative that you should not form any alliance with corrupt politicians, even with those who have their own winning constituency.

During election, the party tickets should be given to those whose reputation is above board even if they don’t have experience of contesting the election, because the people want change and the change will be visible only when new politicians will replace the old rotten politicians.




  1. Give thsi advice to CEC of hsi party as no Matter hwo much Imran khan likes your suggestion his CEC wont like it much.

  2. excellent advise, just as what I was thinking today that he should give tickets to EDUCATED less than 40 years old, with no political background….

  3. Khan Saheb may bask in the glory of his first triumph, but he must resist the temptation of being surrounded by courtiers and sycophants who excell in the art of flattery and have a history of such doings.

  4. sometimes people are not too bad … they just need to polished … may be imran khan can polish them …and so take advantage of their experience also …it is like the prophet mohammad (PBUH) prayed for hazrat umar(RA) and abu jehel to become one of them muslims and every one saw how hazrat umar (RA) lead the nation after the prophet (pbuh).Lets hope for the best … i bleave at this moment of time we even have to ignore munafiqs … and the time will come when they will either change or will leave…

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