Eid causes prices to surge


Various vegetable oil and ghee manufacturing companies have increased their prices ahead of Eid. These companies, exploiting the upcoming festival of Eidul Azha, increased the prices by Rs 2 to Rs 5 per kg, putting additional pressure on the already strained purses of the masses. One such company, Shan Ghee Mills increased the prices of all products by Rs 2 per kg, and fixed the retail price at Rs 165 per kg. Other companies similarly increased their prices and fixed them between Rs 178 to Rs 190 per kg.
While these companies have stated an increase in petroleum prices, thereby an increase in the cost of transportation, as the reason for their increased prices, interestingly, there has been no increase in the price of diesel, the fuel most commonly used in transportation.
“They are fleecing the innocent populace on this religious festival. We demand the government take stern action against companies increasing prices for no reason other than blatant profiteering,” said a customer, Muhammad Iqbal, adding, “These manufacturers have conducted a robbery on the masses.” Profiteers and hoarders similarly increased the prices of spices and chilies too. “There has been a sudden increase of Rs 5 per kg in the prices of red chilies,” said Javed Ahmed, a retailer, adding that there was no logical reason behind the increase. The prices of ginger and garlic also increased Rs 10 per kg on Wednesday, following an earlier increase in the prices of tomatoes and onions.