Dr Qadeer defends PML-N, terms PTI’s rally as one-man-show


Scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) neither possesses a team nor a party, hence can’t bring about a revolution.
Talking to a private TV channel, he said that in other provinces there was anarchy and killings but the Punjab chief minister was being targeted over a natural calamity, dengue.
“The history of US is that of betrayals and we should rely on China. Pakistan helped China in hour of need and China has never forgotten it. Without an appropriate leadership, slogans and rallies are of no use. If the Supreme Court could not investigate the assets, how Imran can do it,” he observed.
Despite clear orders of the Supreme Court, the letter was not written to the Swiss officials, he added. He termed Imran Khan’s rally as a one man show.


  1. Wisdom speaks! Makes sense but will not be appreciated by Youth dreaming Change and assuming Imran Khan is the Messiah.

    • well said by dr shb,look at other provinces and than to punjab,very rare where no electricity n industries going down pmln showing gud governace whoch is admired by all world except mqm,ppp,pmlq,pti,

    • Dr sahib,
      Your comments are supporting corrupt parties , you should take back your comments , asman par thoknay say thok tum par hai gairay ge dr buddaha ho gya par akal na aye isay.

      • shut up u blody rascal…piss on u :@
        jantey ho ye kon hain jin sy tm baat kr rhe ho?
        lanat ha tmhare kirdar par…
        ab to pehchan lo apne fake imran ka chehra !!
        WE ARE WITH YOU SIR G !!
        PML(N) <3

    • well dear he leaded the team who created atom bomb for pakistan, and imran just won a time waste game of cricket there is huge difference atom saving pakistan and cricket making young people involving in time wastage, he should be role model while we ignoring such great person and even keeping it out of more service of pakistan if we think other people as leader than this person i think we are not that nation we thankful to such great mohsin, its my own view please dont mind.

      • mr zaman
        dr is allied with corrupt parties and you dont have courage to say that.Where as imran is honest person standing for justice since his start of political career till now he is supporting revolution.

        • ali bhai…aj tm log us insan par b blame lgane sy baaz nhin aa rhe jis ny tm tumhein atom bomb dia ???? reallly shame on u!!!! :((
          DOctor sahab bilkul sahi keh rhe hian !!

    • Dr sb is not undermining the people. He is just saying that team containing Mian Azhar (of PMLN to PMLQ to PTI) or Farooq Amjad Mir (of PTI to PMLQ to PTI) will not bring change. All pinning hope on this team will be disappointed.

    • yeah. v surprising. imran’s supporters use very bad language. i also noticed this thing on other websites. with this they can only promote anarchy not the change.

  2. You may be right Dr. Sahib, But no one talks about your team who made the bomb as if you made it on your own..
    You are the biggest asset that we have and we are proud of you. I admire you to the core.
    Inshallah with the right intention PTI will prove its worth.

    • ye koom jazbaati koom hey aur bewakoofon ki terha achi achi baatein kerney waley ke peechay chal parti hey.Bhutto ke peechay bhe chaley the lekin mulk toot geya aur result bajaey +ve ke -ve aaya.

      Imran khan itna cha tha tou musharraf ke khilaf nikalta na.Aab nawaz sharif system ko bacaney keliye qurbaani de raha hey aur apna nuksaan bardasht ker raha hey tou ye moka parast aab awam ki frustration ka najaiz faida utha rahey hain.Ain ko sharam aani chahie.

    • shame on u !! blody rascal !!!
      tmhare baap ki umer bhi boht ho gyi hai,unki baat manna bhi chor do !!!
      really shame on u!!
      if aj doctor sahab PTI ki site ly lete to tm log khush ho jate,!!
      PTI SUCKS !!

    • imran be 60+ he
      mind your language buddy………Why zaheer uddin Marwat you posting again and again at a same day. are you the part of western conspiracy……….
      i thik you are the orphan of West. like jimma khan and Imran khan……..

    • Abdullah Khan sorry to say laikin boorah admi jo daikh sakta hai woh nojawan aankh ni daikh sakti. humain Imran Khan sai Mohabbat hai woh hamara hero hai laikin Dr. AQ Khan bhi hamarai hero hain humain un ki ra'ai ka ehtaram kerna chahiye chahai hum un sai mutafiq hon ya na hon

    • PTI ha kya??
      mere bhai imran kuch nhi hai..jis k hospital funds,donations nd charity sy chaltey hon wo kya mulk bhi aese chalye ga??

  3. i don’t think that Dr. khan should stay neutral… he’s the right to speak whether on political affairs or others… and somehow he’s right that imran khan dosen’t have any team… the crowd he succeeded to gather was consist of youngsters who are unaware the political culture of pakistan…

    • and 25% of those were those who came in any Jalsa first time … therefore other parties should not worry about there vote bank … we al know that youth is with IK/PTI …

    • yeah bro zohaib u r exactly right !! aj kal k youngsters ko politician ka kuch pta nhi hai aur wo bina soche samjhe ek aese insan k pichey lg rhe hain jis k pas kuch nhi hai aur na e wo future m kuch kr skta ha..coz politician m sub parties ko sathly kr chlna parta ha…well whtever we r with you sir jee <3 we love doctor shab <3

    • only the young can bring about a change. Remember ZAB, when he set Peoples Party, it was mainly youth who were the initial supporters. Don't expect anything from the old. They have been marginalised over the years.

  4. Dr Qadeer has a right to his opinion and we must respect whatever opinion he holds. He may be a good scientist who served the country well but he may not necessarily be a political expert. Remember what Allama Iqbal said. Let me roughly translate his verse: Fearing of New Age, Sticking to the old order, This is the most difficult stage in the collective life of nations. It is not easy to change the system but the will of people has the potential to prove the likes of Dr Qadeer wrong.

  5. Would somebody explain to me as to why IK is so harshly critical of PMLn and soft on PPP and others in matter of corruption whereas most of the policy issues are at federal level. Perhaps he is afraid of what Zardari and MQM would do to him.
    There are two big cities in Pakistan, Karachi and Lahore. If his jalsa in Lahore had 500,000 people, then he should have no problem in a million person jalsa in Karachi because it has twice the population.
    I'm waiting for some logical answer.

    • couldn't have phrased it better. Logic says that why isn't Imran Khan saying anything on the PPP since they are the ones who have the state machinery to stop corruption unless they themselves are involved (as a matter they are deep into it). I believe Imran Khan has a phobia with the Sharif brothers.

      And the Sharif brothers should not bother or be tensed with the so-called-Establishment-supported-rallies, as everyone in Pakistan and around the world that the Sharif brothers are better administrators, have a very good economic team, have the moral courage and most importantly the WILL to steer the country out of this mess.

      • they have chief minsitership of punjab since 1985. pls advise how successful they have been in taking us out from this "mess".

        Yes, if we have to select between two evils, they are better than Zardari, but sorry to say they did nothing to improve ordinary persons condition (oh how I could forgot motorway, yello cab, danish school – all scams to eat more money, robbing our money). Show us the net results fo 18 years of rule!

        You really want to know the reality, people like my parents who voted for them for the last two decades are regertting for wasting their ballots!

    • Imran Khan is doing right thing by focusing his criticisn on Nawaz corruption more than Zardari Nawaz Sharif is much more cporrupt than Zaradari and IK being a Lahori knows it. Indeed Sharif s are expert at corruption and they started it before Zardari 1981 when they joined Zia ul Haq team in Punjab. Zardari cannot excel Sharifs in corruption

      • One by one.. IK is playing right tacics as a master captain now… obviously Lahore is PMLN strong hold ( in past) .. here you need to say more against PML-N ,, in other area it may be different…IK is a politician now…a person with even small political brain can understand his… PMLN can't understand this..as theya re "sri paya" group

    • IK is against status co and corrupt mafia … he want all politetions should declare there real and hidden assets for betterment of country … in each Jalsa including grand one in Lahore he has first criticized Zardari and then others … and PTI has already done a successful Jalsa in Karachi and they will do it again, as per their schedule …

    • IK is not soft on ppp, pti was the first n only party which protested on presidential election on 2008, why did not then pmln challenged the paper of zardari, and every time when pti spokes about removal of ppp, pmln saved them..so nawaz is more responsible for this situation, and pti thinking to arrange jalsa in karachi on 25 dec..their main problem is mqm, public will not come out easily as they come in lahore…regards

    • Get a life Parvez, Do you think PML-N can arrange such a jalsa in karachi???
      Yeah but i do agree they can i lahore.
      The security issues in karachi might be a big hurdle in gathering such a crowd…..
      Oh sorry not gathering crown, actually the crowd came on itself without being excorted by some PTI members.
      2ndly pti might noit have big names, but there are lots of small names whose capabilities are yet not tested, so we cant declare them incapable without even testing them. logical?
      One more thing i m quite sure, nothing worse can happen than this so why not give imran khan a chance, coz PML-n had already have their chance which they were unable to cash for Pakistan. So why not try someone new?

  6. ap sub logon ko tameez krni chahye.. agay dr qadeer pakistan ko nueclear power na banatay to aaj tum log ye cmnt krnay k qabil bhi nahi hotay… aur zaruri nahi k imran khan ka jalsa establishment funded na ho.. kon janta hai k is ke jalsa mein establishment involve nahi the… shame on u people… all who cmnted against dr qadeer…

    • Sumera u know what Hmara or hmari youth ka na to koi standard hai na koi soch in ko ground reality ka pata he nahi hai. Inki soch ka level yeh hai k haan Imran Khan press conference bari achi karta hai jalsay main bari achi galiya deta hai. mere khyal se meri youth hipnotize ho chuki hai jo na kuch soch sakti hai na kuch samajh sakti hai or aalam yeh hai k ab Imran Khan k against shayad inkay dad jok mere liye bare respectful hain agar woh bhi bolay gay to yeh log shayad unko bhi bura samajhna shuru karde Dr qadeer to koi cheez he nahi..

  7. He is one man show until now…but who knows if he might get some other well known people…anyways I know only Dr. Qadeer and Dr. Muhmand for their achievement…Never heard about any other Scientist in his team?? why Dr. sahab?? lolz.

  8. Dr Sab app nay sach kaha ..Q k app kabi jhot bol hii ni sakty … Bt ye PTI k zehni Marez sab abb app ko b bura bahla kahin gay ..Long Live Dr AQ Khan …

  9. Which political party has any team….main political parties are dynastic & known as Nawaz league / PPP Zardari & PML Q known as Shujaat`s party , so singling out Imran K is not fair…..even Dr Saheb has tried to launch his own party & tried to project it as his party & invited others to join & support it..do u yet hv a team…??…all political parties in Pakistan are recognised due to the person…….then why has he commented on this point…..is this not hipocrisy…?? A Bomb is linked with Dr Saheb…is this not a one man show,,,,,?? Dr Saheb pehle apne gareiban mei ghanklena tha…..sorry, but truth is always bitter…….as of today IK has the best team….he is a leader & he has to lead….does all the person in a political party speaks or nominates a leader to speak in a public meeting…..?? if u arrange a public meeting…..who will speak to the public…all the person in yr team or a leader who is choosen to speak….Shahbaz Sharif spoke a day earlier in a public meeting…was that not a one man show…??
    – Dengue menace is due to the govt`s own failure….they were warned last year after flood & June 2011 to take precaution….it was Punjab`s govt`s sheer negligence that so many lives lost…

  10. Does Some one confirm that, its a personal statement of Dr Qadeer!
    cz itnay buland Zarf wala insaan aise baat nahi ker sakta, He knowz Nwaz Sharif better then us!! he cant have soft corner for him

  11. Inqalaab ke naam pe exploit kar raha hay youth ko. the situation and incompetence of PPP has frustrated people of pakistan.

    Bhaio, Benazir ke assassinate honay ke dukh main mugh jaisay banday ne bhi ppp ko vote kia aur meri tarah ke bohat se emotional fools ne aur ZARDARI president ban gaya……

    Khudara Doctor sahab ki baat ko light na lain kahain aisa na hoo ke Imran khan ko Prime Minister bana dain he is just a rigid one man show.

    It is not possible for our unaccountable military to do anymore coups so they want a hung parliament and Imran khan is not more than a tool. Z.A.Bhutto and Doctor sahab has made us a nuclear power we have eaten grass we do not need to spend 70% of our budget on weapons and only 700,000 men and we have no way to audit them. We just need to correct ourselves.

    Mr.Khan is a bubble that will burst soon our military has deep ties with pentagon and IK shouts against drone attacks.

    • u r absolutely right my friend. military establishment wants a weak democracy no matter which party makes the govt. it must b so weak that the military establishment can easily "divide n rule", implement its policies, protect their interests in budget n in audit system of pakistan

      • you wrong my friend , Imran hasnot got single chance to change country all these are conspiracies against him. All others ppp and pml have been tried and tested and found guilty and corrupt. This time is for honest ppl IMRAN will come ppl of pakistan know that he is honest. Dr sahib might have some misconceptions about him.

        IK is not bubble he has to finish dengue brothers and MR 100% and you should support him if you agree.

  12. Dr Sb u r even more respected than Ik for whole country…but my concern is…do anyone of us know any single person of ur team except u..? u the leader with ur love and passion make us proud…..u refereed to the funding for the event…..if u remember before the jalsa IK visit the overseas pakistani and from only one place in US pakistanis donate 65 Thousands Dollers for his politicle activities…i guess this make sence of his political financial sources.

  13. If one man show is not good why does Dr Qadeer wants to take all the credit for the nuclear achievement himself, whereas those who actually worked on it he never ever even mentions. Dr Qadeer has lost grace with the nation due to being tainted with greed and corruption. His statement belittling IK and favoring PMLN must also be driven by financial considerations.

    • Dr. Qadeer Khan is true Patriot. Patriotism is his school of thoughts.
      u r the one from the PTI school of thought.

  14. If you can’t stand up to his ill treatment over the years after his immense contribution to this country at least you can show some humility to his opinion. I am a big IK fan and will vote for him but I’d also agree that PTI is one man show to a large extent.

  15. The rally was basically a Musical Concert organized by Imran Khan, Yes Doctor Qadeer Sahib I agree with You, we can say that, it was a one man Show.

  16. If "One Man Show" can build a nuclear bomb why can't a "one man show" win an election. Specially in Pakistan where PPP has been consistently winning elections on the name of a dead man (Z.A. Bhutto). Hm wondering why this old man is so cozy with Sharif bratheran:)

  17. very well said. our youth are running after a person with no idea , no wisdom, no party, and no political know how, He is totally One man show. He seems against dictator , but history reveals that he was Hench man to a dictator. He has had not allowed even a single so-called party member to come forward and represent. In fact , he doesn't allow any one to replace him. he cannot bear any one except himself.

  18. Dr sahib hamarey hero hain. mugar un main khud passandi ki kharaby ney un ko is hal par phuchaya hai.

  19. Well, if we see at previous track record Dr.A.Q was silent on political grounds no matter what happend even Benezir died he was quit , now what happend that made him speak …. clear indication that PML-N has paid him very high price to speak up and save their reputation….. shame on you DR.AQ you were supposed to be hero now you have become zero…..

  20. Like they say "every man has his price " and Dr Sahib is no angel , he lost much of his credibility when he apologized to the world on live TV for his wrong doings- He might be hero for many of us but it is a proven fact that he and his network made million$ by selling nuclear stuff ,at least, Imran Khan is not a sell out like him -so who cares what he says!

  21. I have great respect for Dr A Q Khan sahib (may Allah bless him with long life and health). He has pointed out to some important points that must be considered. It is true that PTI is at present a one-man show but it is very consistent with all other revolutions and movements. Even PML-N has in the past been seen as heavily dominated by Mian Nawaz Sharif sahib but now it has a team of very able and credible politicians. Similarly, PTI may be able to diffuse its leadership if it creates a democratic culture within the party, and I have no reasons to believe that PTI will not create such mechanisms and processes to strengthen its organisation.

    On the corruption issue, PTI may not be able to punish corrupt people in the country but it has started a campaign that has certainly highlighted a problem in the country.

  22. Everyone has a right to express opinion. It is his opinion and people have right to agree or disagree. Lets learn to respect others' point of view.

    Despite all the respect for AQK, I smell a cat. It seems AQ sb supporting shareefs for having a common enemy i.e. Musharaf. Nonetheless, a suggestion is that a personality of his Silhouette should refrain from partying any side.

  23. Everyone has a right to express opinion. It is his opinion and people have right to agree or disagree. Lets learn to respect others’ point of view.

    Despite all the respect for AQK, I smell a cat. It seems AQ sb supporting shareefs for having a common enemy i.e. Musharaf. Nonetheless, a suggestion is that a personality of his Silhouette should refrain from partying any side.

  24. Dr Qadeer sb is absolutely right, he is more prestigious than imran khan in all respects. Winning a world cup is a game which is achieved after every 4 years to various nations, and there are lots of people who are philanthropic in Pakistan but they did not like to mention their names.

    Making a hospital and an education institute does not mean that you can trigger an attempt for every politician in the country. Imran himself has never been consistent as he is initially in favor of Mussaraf, later betrayed due to unable to work under any persons orders then opposes Altaf hussain to its extreme and finally give mercy to him due to his own life pressures.

    We should know that we should give respect to our hero’s with open hearts. We must not have grudges for our person who serves us with their abilities. There are bad points in all of us so we must admit the reality. Imran is not an exceptional.

    • AQ Khan is tainted with corruption to his teeth ,he is a liar and he is known for illegally selling nuclear hardware to many countries to get rich, (woh Imran Khan ki jooti ke bhi brabar naheen)

    • Dr. Sb raised very valid point. Why imran khan is launching his guns in punjab. stronghold of pmln. we all know fedral govt. is composed of remaining parties having other provinces as stronholds. this clearly shows IK intentions.

  25. AQ was a nuclear proliferator who sold atomic plan to Libya(Qazafi later gave it to America which caused lot of trouble to pakistan) that was high treason , even it was pardoned by Musharaf. AQ has no credits he must shut up

  26. One man show or not , party is soon over for PML-N and even their new agent 'Dr AQ Khan' can save them now ,Reality sucks!!!

  27. For God sake people, Dr. Sahib is a hero of pakistan. respect him. dont go in the love of your leader where you found yourself blind folded. kindly respect the difference of opinion. seems like nothing difference in IK lovers and jiyalas. same mentality and same declaring thier leaders as bhagwaan.
    we should start questioning our leaders rather praising them

  28. WELDON DR SAHIB It is your tru indication. jub ma in ma sa chund comments ko read krta hoon to mehsoos krta hoon ka na jana kch logo ko app ki khedmat ka illm hona ka bawajood aap ke baat buri Q lugi AAP na REALITy bean ke na k Politics ke .
    Ya sirf Awaam ko fool bunanay k lia Kia ja raha ha .

  29. pti walo koi comment apne against bhi bardashst ker lia kero and dr. sahib ne kia galat kaha hai . kia punjab international survey k mutabiq best soba nahi hai ? aur kia punjab mein koi bhi majour corruption scandal hai ? means involving CM. aur kai imran khan k pass rural punjab koi candidate hai . i challange u k coming elections PTI LAHORE mein just NA 118 , 124, 125 , 126 AUR 127 mein he close fight de gi wo bhi jete gi ya nahi is ka pata nahi aur baqi haar jaye gi

  30. nawaz shareef is the mature leader who has clear direction. he is sincere with Pakistan as he set the foundation of justice in Pakistan by supporting the internationally recognized judicial movement in Pakistan. At that time Imran Khan had not enough power to restore judiciary. This is Nawaz Shareef's biggest proof of honesty. If he had been corrupt he would not have fought for justice ….

  31. u r right Dr. Sahib
    mere mutabiq is country me sirf 3 personalities aisi hain jin ki baat per me yaqeen ker sakta hoon, (1)DR. ABDUL QADEER (2) CHIEF JUSTICE IFTIKHAR CH. AND (3) NAWAZ SHREEF

  32. If you see what is happening in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria etc. you would understand. The day will come to Pakistan as well, the day when the people will stand out against the mafia and the ruling elite to fight the corruption and repression. Just wait and see.

  33. Dr. Sahab and all the great loyalists of this country are expecting the same based on their pasat experience but this time it will totally be different becoz the scenario and rules of game are different. PTI will bring change and no matter how gud SHABAZ SHARIF or his govt . Our society and our country's demands a new face with new menifesto and youth had to decide this time about their future.

  34. Future belong to YOUTH. so let them decide wot they want. if PTI is the answer so welcome that.

  35. Dr AQ sb we want you to join PTI, and it will be the 2 honest man's show.We respect u alot , and join hands with PTi, this kind of depressive statements will create more anarchy cause youth has selected IK forever.

  36. PTI is all funded by Establishment. and remember this thing imran khan will just cut off votes of PML N, he cant WIN. but as he will cutt of PML N votes, automatically These PPP People will come again. dont you people get this, why today everyone pointing finger on PML N , why media, everywhere. bec PPP wants it.

    yar hmari youth ka to ya hall hay us lal topi (Zaid hamid) walay k peecha bhag gai thi..
    jo un sa bhag gya tha..or us din uska Jalsa main us k ghar waly bhi shareek nai thay.

    Why imran khan never talk about his and musharaf relation and highly regarded by musharaf as he was the potential PM at that time, why imran has forgotten those cases of MQM which he brought forward. PTI, MQM are same , two sides of the same picture.

  37. Dr. is absolutely right, this is medicaland natural fact that one cannot take mature decision in teen or youngester age. We are young but emotional, just think how come PPP and MQM are so relax and by PTI rally ??? PMLN is not as much corrupt and crual like PPP and MQM, remember we are corrupt as a nation, bitter truth, just see your around may be someone from our family involve or doing corrpuption, Imran khan cannot vanish it by magic, we need to change our behavior as a nation. dnt fool yourself, face reality, now i will vote for PMLN.

  38. Dr sahib is right . shahbaz sharif has done very well conisdering that they are not in government at federal level . yes there are issues like street crimes in punjab but we should know that due electrcity problem millions of people have lost their jobs in faislabad and other cities so and pmln leadership is not corrupt . see there is no corrutipn case against nawaz . yes there are some refernces in NAB but even mushraf had not courage to open therse cases becoz he know that there isnt much in these cases and ultimatly he has run plan hijacking case against nawaz. moreover i dont think that imran cab stand against ARMY/ISI but nawaz can stand in front of establishment as he has proven in the past

  39. PTI achi Jamaat hai …. It's my honour to address you Dr Abdul Qadeer sahab,,, It's the only Jamaaat who is saying that Alhamdulillah Pakistan is rich country, who is saying that they 'll take Pakistan to that peak Inshallah that Pakistanis would be Proud of being Pakistani…

  40. PTI achi Jamaat hai …. It's my honour to address you Dr Abdul Qadeer sahab,,, It's the only Jamaaat who is saying that Alhamdulillah Pakistan is rich country, who is saying that they 'll take Pakistan to that peak Inshallah that Pakistanis would be Proud of being Pakistani…
    at the same time a Point for Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaaf… I am biggest supporter of you Alhamdulillah! Mashallah Imran khan sahab hamaray dilooon me rehte hain… I love him as my family member… answer a question whether he is making only followers or otherwise he is also making Leaders like Imran Khan.. If yes he is making Leaders also then show your Awaaaaaaam and Dr Abdul Qadir that we have team ,,,, and you r not running a one man show…

  41. one honest leader is better than thousand/hundreds of fake puppets
    well said Zawar and thats the truth ..WITH IMRAN KHAN WE WILL PROVE EVERY ONE WRONG

  42. there must be reasonable difference between a voter or a jaila, i wish we should have a thoughtful nation rather then a juzbati voter.

  43. we respect you alot sir.Maghar aghar pakistan may koy hope paida howa hai tu q oko mayosi ki baten kar k khatam karteen hain.u should apriciate it Sir.come and join PTI.we need you

  44. Now this is the problem with the PTI followers. They are not willing to take any kind of criticism and in their blind hero worshiping, would not even spare a National Hero.

  45. On the contrary they can go the extent of ridiculing him.
    Why do you guys want him to stay neutral?
    Why cant he have an opinion of his own, just like you do ?
    And you may have logical disagreement with him, but for God's sake do not ridicule him !

    • we dont want him to stay neutral , he is already sold price paid by Qazafi through big dengue (Nawaz sharif).

  46. We dont want him to stay neutral , he is already sold Qazafi paid money through nawaz sharif . Lanat ho mulk ko bachanay walay par.

  47. Hahahha I am shocked to see Dr Abdul qadeer till yesterday he was Hero of nation and of youth but now when he speaks truth and reality now my hypnotized youth become against him and saying bad and dirty to him so this is the standard of my youth.
    My youth please try to understand the fact don't be hypnotized observe the circumstances be updated and then decide.

  48. change can be sparked through a one man show..and thats what we need…THE CHANGE…. things that havent been done before and have been suppressed… older people definitely think logically and yes they think it rightly but they always tend to forget that the youth is always the change maker.. the youth had been abandoned and stopped from changing the future uptill nnow. but no more, the zeal and zeast of youth is the thing that the older people do not possess they forget what this characteristic can do to shape the future and destinies of any nation. Dr Qadeer maybe right but that does not stop us from taking a chance . We are following IMRAN KHAN for he presents the youth with a chance to come over and bring the change that is needed.. thats his success . no matter what happens the change will come and it will Inshallah be positive. IK is not a messiah. but he is a true and honest man there arent many in our government with that trait. we all know the Kartoots of our leaders . its open and yet suppressed with fear. open up your eyes people and look around you at the injustices inflicted upon us by our current system.

  49. I dont want to comment on the statment of Dr. Sab. But this is matter of fact that we need a courgeous leader and IMRAN is the only option out of present lot.

  50. Imran Khan should arrange a team but not like Mian Azhar and Mian Rasheed. The team of like minded hardworking otherwise the Dr. sahib is saying right. God bless Dr.Sahib and my nation.

  51. Says the person who sold Pakistani nuclear secrets to North Korea and Libya. Also he single handedly stole the credit of Pakistan's nuclear program while his specialization was only in metallurgy. So not the most reliable person to give his views on Pakistani Politics

  52. please all the imran khan supporter should respect him for what he has done..he has said the truth that imran is only a puppet and Nawaz is the real deal

  53. Dr Sahib so you mean to say that we leave Imran n start supporting PMLN :)….& Dr Shaib when you give comments about any thing, be honest n fair without getting bias.

  54. Even Imran Khan was surprised to see the crowed in his Jalsa. He was not expecting the big gathering. He should be thankful to PPP & PML (Q) and Jamat Islami.

  55. Very true sir. Yeh PTI k log bohat jazbati hain, kal ko khana-kabba k imam saab b agar imran khan k baray mai yeh kahain gain tow inn jaisay log un k khilaf ho jaian gain. Well said sir

  56. Bht afsoos hoa Dr. sahab ky against comments par kar, eshay kahtay han '' lanti qoom'' Dr, shahab ny sahe kaha tha ky mjy sub sy zaida dukh es qoom ky leay kaam karny par hai, Khuda ke kasam aaj Pakistan Nuclear power na hota tu tum sub india ky jotay polish kar rhay hotay, infact pakistan kab ka khatum ho chuka hota. Tum youngster, jinho ny chaar jamatain kia par le apnay aap ko HEro, super, genious, aqal-qul samajna shoro ho gayai ho, Jitne tum logo ke omer hai na ossay doublr Dr. Qadeer ka experince hai, he travled and work with all govts. in past. Tum youngter bfs, girlfrnd, parties logo ke azetain exploit karny waly pakistan ke taqdeer badlo gay, shame on you.

    • Dr must take back his statement its not appropriate , he must be sorry to nation , he is supporting corrupt parties.

  57. I remember once Imran Khan said that Dr Qadeer is the real Hero and honest person of Pakistan. If Imran was right at that time. Then he should accept Dr Qadeer's analysis as true.

    I believe that Dr Qadeer is absolutely right and his comments are based on the ground reality.

    We need to be realistic not emotional.

  58. I think Dr. A.Q Khan sahib's comments are enough as eye opener for those who are blindly supporting Imran Khan without any rationale.

  59. I don’t understand how the hell did those sick minded people dare talking about our national hero like this
    If Dr AQ were not there – all their senseless parents and stupid families would have now been living in Pakistani Province of India.
    He was right, he is right and will always be –

    • If dr was not their some other scientist would have done this work like sumar mumbark mand , in better way further more he is honest not a country seller like AQ.

  60. Sorry to say Dr sahib ,
    You are wrong , you must apologize to ppl for hurting their feelings , PTI is only party doing jihad against corruption my vote for PTI.

  61. Idiots , you all lunatics , Dr .Khan never called Imran Khan and his party as untrustworthy , unreliable or looters . He just made a point that still Imran Khan or PTI haven't much power so they can bring a revolution .He praises Shahbaz Shareef as a CM not as PML-N leader . If you can't accept Dr. Khan views at least respect it .

  62. Sir i was there at the Jalsa …u cant even imagine the enthusiasm of the crowd ..not just by the youth but ppl from every walk of life did contribute …n it was not the One Man show …it was One plus 5 lac plus show …anywz i respect ur opinion …love u both Dr sahab & Imran Khan.

  63. Sir i was there at the Jalsa …u cant even imagine the enthusiasm of the crowd ..not just by the youth but ppl from every walk of life did contribute …n it was not the One Man show …it was One plus 5 lac plus show …anywz i respect ur opinion …love u both Dr sahab & Imran Khan.

  64. dr sab app hero ho aur hero hi rahain gai lakin ,ab time ah gia hai k hum sab imran khan ko support karain aur apne mulk ko in crupt politicien se bachain app se bi guzarish hai k pti ko join karain, tu yeh 1 man show se aik team bane yeh app jaise logon ko age ahna chaiya aur sach aur jhoot ka faisla karna chaiya plz plz plz , u r great person , whole pakistni knows ,so again plzzzzzzzzz apna mulk pa aik aur ahsaan kar lo aur pti join kar ke ye system ko change karo ,time is runing fast plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  65. dr, saab is right. imran khan is now a pupet of ppp. ppp is just use him and after use they wasted him like TISSUE.

  66. PTI wale jawano ye mat bholo k Dr. Sahib Imran khan se bare hero hain ….. tum log imran khan ki trf biased ho k soch rahe ho .. lekin neutral ho k socho k Dr sab aik neutral sakhs hain .. plz .. Dr. A. Qadeer.. I salute u .. u r a real hero …

  67. kitne sharam ki bat hai k aik imran khan k peche apne Hero ki izzat karna b bhool gye ho … or jo Qoomein apne mohsino ko bhula deti hain wo tareekh mein kabhi zinda nahi rehti .. jitne hi imran khan le ao ..

  68. I don't know know what to say or think of this. Something is wrong with my mind, telling me that he was paid by the Americans to say this, or another source so that Imran can't win.. but that may be intensely wrong. I respect Dr.Khan intensely, so I can't say he's wrong. But I do think that Imran Khan is our last hope.

  69. i had high respect for AQ khan but why these comments are coming after rejection from pti to take him in party

  70. Dr.Abdul Qadir khan sahib ny bilkul thek kaha hy.

    ap agr thora ghor karain Nawaz Sharif Ko Establishment apny laiy khatra samjati hy. aur tamam Establishment pro jamaintain nawaz Sharif k khalaf khul kr khail rahi han. I think pakistani nation must support nawaz sahrif

  71. doctor sahab well said …we are proud of u Sir jee <3
    Dr Qadir is absolutely right. PTI members should be realistic not emotional.
    both are respectable,but PML-N really has a good team and also team work……so i dont think PTI can rule upcoming election…..PTI need more and more hard work and dont believe on agencies…….so PML-N is free to take any pressure from army or agencies…….so LOVE PML-N..

  72. Dr sahib is a scientist and nt a politcial figure he shud nt talk like this its a bit immaturuty.. and i 100 % agrees with Mueez bhai..

  73. very wisely said by DR SB U R OUR PROUD Agencies playing after IMRAN but People of Punjab is much satisfied of our beloved CHIEF MINISTER SHAHBAZ SHARIF but if really IMRAN what he is saying to do against corruption then he should join hands with PML – N but they should be much sincere to people of pakistan coz not much as chances is given to them more

  74. Although it was looking as a one-man show but as youth is with Imran Khan and PTI so it will bring revolution one day inshaAllah.

  75. Dr.AQ Khan showed his real personality. He did corruption to sell Atomic formula along with Dirty NAWAZ. He is not a innocent. He is corrupt Scientist.

  76. Very disappointing remarks from Dr Daqeer. Didn't you see the masses in PTI's ralley in Lahore – this is not one man show, it's million men show now.
    After all, what has Imran/PTI done wrong to Pakistan that makes you against it? PTI deserves a go, people should decide PTI's future based on it's performance.
    Dr Saab, please stop working for Nawaz Shreef, who came to power so many times, and did not and could not make a difference – at all. Thank you Nawaz Shreef, thank you PPP.
    Let's hope the masses will wake now!!!!!!!!!
    Zafar, Sydney

  77. Dr Sahib Ka Qad Bahut E Bara Hay. Wo Hamaaray Mohsin Hain. Mushkil Waqt Main Wo Puri Qom K Kaam Aa Ay. Baatain Unki Theke Hain Kisi Hadd Tak But I Think K Imran Khan Sahib Bhi Insh Allah Apni Achi Team Bana Lain Gay.

  78. u aLL dere b aware bout wat he gave u . . . he is d man cox of whom u r still alive . . else u had not born here . . . he is d most respectable person of pakistan . . . if u cant obey him . . . den get d f*** out of here . . . dont comment bad about him. . . if he can gave his talent to this country den he also hav d right to say any thing to any one . . .

    fingers crossed : x

  79. DR. QADEER KHAN, the great cheater and a salesman of national integrity and honor, the universal salesman of nuclear arms, a land mafia may be a good scientist but a morally and intellectually a hopeless.

  80. mujy sirf koi ye jwab de k agr QUAID E AZAM ye bat khty k nuclear bomb ase nahe ase bnao …etc to ap kya khty?? /come on i respect DR AQ khan as MOHAMMAD ALI JINNAH but he is scientist not politican so plz differenciate yar ..politics aur science main bht farq ha ….

  81. Dr. Qadir is absolutely right. I.K. have no team of commited peoples, all with him are from us, and we are part of this dirty feudal system, cost system, beurocracy & agencies grip around our thoughts. With due appologies our peoples are "Tamashbeens", but at the end of day, will vote for where they are told or forced. the same always happen with J.I. gatherings.

  82. محسن باکستان ڈاکڑ عبد لقدیر خان صاحب کی بھی ایک ٹیم تھی جس نے خاموشی کے ساتھ اپے خون جگر ؛ مغز ریزی اور دن رات خون پسینہ ایک کرکے اپنے قائد محسن باکستان کی راہنمائی میں پاکستانی قوم کو ایٹمی قوت بنایا؛اسی طرح اللہ رب العزت نے نوجوانان پاکستان کی ٹیم جو عمران خان کی تحریک انصاف کی شکل میں کرپشن،غنڈہ گردی،استحصالی،ابلیسی؛ جاگیرداری،سرمایہ داری، موروثی چہرے داری اور امریکن پٹھو داری کے نظام کے خلاف; عوامی انقلابی کارواں اپنے قائد عمران خان کی راہنمائی میں پاکستان کو ایک مضبوط معاشی طور خوشحال اور عالمی عزت یافتہ پاکستان بنا دے گی انْشا اللہ!

  83. محسن باکستان ڈاکڑ عبد لقدیر خان صاحب کی بھی ایک ٹیم تھی جس نے خاموشی کے ساتھ اپے خون جگر ؛ مغز ریزی اور دن رات خون پسینہ ایک کرکے اپنے قائد محسن باکستان کی راہنمائی میں پاکستانی قوم کو ایٹمی قوت بنایا؛اسی طرح اللہ رب العزت نے نوجوانان پاکستان کی ٹیم جو عمران خان کی تحریک انصاف کی شکل میں کرپشن،غنڈہ گردی،استحصالی،ابلیسی؛ جاگیرداری،سرمایہ داری، موروثی چہرے داری اور امریکن پٹھو داری کے نظام کے خلاف; عوامی انقلابی کارواں اپنے قائد عمران خان کی راہنمائی میں پاکستان کو ایک مضبوط معاشی طور خوشحال اور عالمی عزت یافتہ پاکستان بنا دے گی انْشا اللہ!

    • No sir , bomb hi sub kuch nahi hota , PTI is the only clean party in country and this nuclear smuggler has no right to ruin future of pakistan we will not allow that.

      • Mushkil waqt main Dr Qadeer sb kaam aa ay to aaj aap unkay ehsaan ko bhol gay ho. Aaj lebea, iran, iraq walon say pocho k defence ki kia wuqat hoti hay. that is not only a bomb, agar ham aaj atomic power na hotay to bangladesh ki tarah KHUDA NA KHAWSTA Aaj Hamara Paya Mulk Bhi Na Hota. Kiya hamaray siasat daan hamain hamain dushmanon kay hath baich na daitay?

  84. Qadeer sahab…aap ko team na honay ki itni fikar hai to please PTI join kar lein. On a more serious note, please check out PTI’s team and all their experts on the PTI website. Plus the millions of people who now support PTI are very capable of bringing a much better and more patriotic team to PTI once it is in power. I can assure you that team will not comprise of people such as Firdous Ashiq Awan, Ghulam Bilour, Raja Parvaiz, Rehman Malik, Faisal Hayat etc etc….wah kya team hai …aur leader to dekho..Zardari aur Nawaz…is say to behtar hai admi ghadon ko government day day! Hadd ho gaee hai Qadeer sahab….aap ja kar paposh mein patangein urain…kuch to khuda ka khauf karein kay kaisay logon ki support kar rahay hain, kyun apni izzat kay peechhay khud paray hain, waisay hi proliferation ka aiteraf kar kay apni izzat kharab kar chukay hain!

  85. Dr sb !
    I sulute you on your services but have a right to think of my frame of view
    you'd not neglect the fact

  86. Doctor has the right to say whatever he thinks………..
    But nobody can the views and thinking of the Youth…………
    We consider IMRAN KHAN as the only person who can bring revolution in PAKISTAN………………

  87. Cha gay dr sb… Yeh is kiokaat hai k 97 mein 0 seat aur 2002 mein musharraf ki doadi maiyan mein baith kr aik seat… All I hv 2 say 2 imran khab ,d his immature mummy daddy supporters is 'laanat be shumar,, khan tere jan nisaar 3 4,, 3. 4…

  88. Ya hamara mulk maen youth ka hall ha Dr. Khan kahan aur ya bechara crickter kahan 1world cup jeeta danay sa koi leader nae ban jata aj iska Shukat khanum b ussi Nawaz Shareef ki di hue zameen pa khara ha aur ya passa hamnaen he dia hmari awam na ya khud to bhjag jata ha taka jail tak na katni paray 1world cup k ilawa kya character kya status ha is shaks ka???????? shame on u guys & say sry 4 our national hero Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan sb.

    • No sir , bomb hi sub kuch nahi hota , PTI is the only clean party in country and this nuclear smuggler has no right to criticize future of pakistan we will not allow that.

      • Mushkil waqt main Dr Qadeer sb kaam aa ay to aaj aap unkay ehsaan ko bhol gay ho. Aaj lebea, iran, iraq walon say pocho k defence ki kia wuqat hoti hay. that is not only a bomb, agar ham aaj atomic power na hotay to bangladesh ki tarah KHUDA NA KHAWSTA Aaj Hamara Paya Mulk Bhi Na Hota. Kiya hamaray siasat daan hamain hamain dushmanon kay hath baich na daitay.
        Dr Qadeer Sb Our Mohsin. Wo Baray Hain Agar Kuch Keh Dia Hay Unhon nay to koi baat nahi. INSHALLAH Imran Khan Achi Team Bananay Main Laga Hoa Hay Aor Ham Us K Saath Hain

  89. The US betrayed Pakistan because we joined the US in an immoral and illegal game of murder and banditry in Afghanistan. In such ventures there is no brotherhood or camaraderie only self interest. And when the shit hits the fan everybody runs for cover accept the stupid. we have only ourselves to blame. But have we learned anything.
    China has never participated or encouraged such immoral, illegal ventures. So if Dr sahib trusts China than he should also advise the government and the jehadis to take advise from China on our relationship with the US.

  90. I have reason to disagree with Doctor Sahib and all others who agree with. As far as leadership is concerned Imran Khan has already proved it is cricket grounds whereas his commitment is concerned it is sufficient to note that he had been on it relentlessly for the last fifteen years. So far as team is concerned Doctor Sahib must be aware of it that it was him who made team of scientists. He did not start Nuclear Program with scores of scientists from the very outset. I am above 60 but I resolutely believe Pakistani youth. They may look a bit immature but trust me they are ambitious and capable of doing wonders. Mind it it Imran also has matured and experienced people with him. Why to hate him. He is not an alien.

  91. Dear Dr. Sahib, you are a very respectful for me. But when i read your comments about Amran khan, since then my heart, and mind not working together. I cant believe it. What you are saying about Amran khan. You will see Amran khan going to become a great leader of this world(Inshallaha). His previous record is very good. We all proud of him. And my advice for you please stay out of politic.

  92. i will see when his team emerges with old faces of other party deserters. then he is doomed and nothing more then like others. who talk stand against american and seek their help for their way to Islamabad. with induction of Shah Mehmood Qurashi and men like him around him will harm is party efforts. if we change Pakistan Change all older faces of those ruling this nation from 1947 to 2011.

  93. Dr. Qadir is a man of wisdom and experience but it doesnt he cant be wrong, my brothers he is my ideal and i also appreciate Shahbaz Sharif of what he is doing, he is a man of his words BUT show me one more person in whole punjab as credible as Shahbaz sharif ? is'nt it yet another one man show ?
    cmon stop this nonsence we all know despite he is a good man their are corruption allegations on his party as well as regarding his own assets.
    I am a supporter of PTI but if shahbaz sharif is better of Pakistan may Allah help him, yet you have to admit today in the mainstream parties no one is as well educated as IMRAN KHAN, he is a true leader like bhutto, he has no corruption allegations the whole world admires his honesty and credibility he is the auther of books while the rest can only sign cheques.
    PTI zindabad.
    PAKISTAN paindabad.

  94. every body has a right of opinion,no point of critisizing at all.it indicates one thing for sure that sir dr abdul qadeer is so much concerend with pakistan political feature. good singh

  95. well I am a great fan of Imran.. But Dr Sb Mohsin e Pakistan is very true… Imran doesnt have team … and i request supporters of IK be patient and dont take criticism as others parties do… When you are young and literate ppl behave like the others people do then there is no difference between you and other parties' supporters.. so take the crticism positively and try to improve yourself..

  96. I heard that he wanted to join PTI and have been writing positive comments on facebook .. but his application was refused due to his controversial personality in past. (whatever were the reason) . So Angoor khattay heiN …. Doctor Sahib….

  97. These posts reflect our usual behavior which is responsible for our adversities. We do not use our mind and by the time we understand the situation it is always late:gari choot chuki hoti hey. Every body wants change but how? Change in faces will do nothing but continue the corrupt system. We have to change the system. Removing PATWARIS and THANEYDARS , as Khan sahib claimed, will not change the system at all. Change the system of electing the higher administrators (rulers) that's where the change will come. Lower ones will correct themselves automatically. Wise, honest and experience elders should do this part not general uneducated public. For such a change we need revolution that demands bringing corrupt to justice and make it an example for future. Only then the future will be secure. This accountability can be done by the Supreme Court with the active backing of people without relying on government agencies. If people fail to provide such a support to the SC then they will have to do it themselves by practically dragging the rulers down and bringing them to books.

    • . Khan sahib is not following the path to revolution but towards a change by simple election, it never worked in this country! His current policy will only benefit PPP and current rulers by neutralizing PML(N) and Punjab factor. This will mean continuation of current policies and looting of anything that is left. Either revolution on street or a wise coalition of BETTER political forces will do a trick to save the country. Our youth is again following their emotions, they has not learnt yet. I am so sorry!

  98. Imran Khan has the Job of cleaning up the muck,our seniors have made during the course of 64 years, The credentials Imran Khan possesses , are Ideal ,we per-sieve
    him to be Honest and a Patriot ,and that's all we need now ,for starters. In due course of time, he will attract other,such caliber personalities , and , sooner than you think,we shall have a Pakistan, we could all be proud of !

  99. sorry to hear such word from one of very few respected people from pakistan.We dont know doc team as well who participated in Bomb presenstation so should we think that one man can not build it ? I know one thing only top notch leadership is important and what we think a team …what we are realy talking about that ? if Nawas sharif has a team then why cant thy give one visionary scheme to people of punjab ? where they are in power ..team means a bunch of wealthy people of some rural areas ..

  100. Mr Imran is not a Muslim at all all his kins Ex wife to sons are Zionists Jews As His fathet in law was not an ordinary Jew but head of the Zionist Jewry of Britain.The fellah wHo gave a negative remark abut DR QADEER IS A CONFUSED ASS HOLE. WHAT I HAVE SAID WILL BE IN NEWS IN NEAR FEATURE

  101. Imran Khan is another actor in the political circus of Pakistan.Dr. Kadeer has assessed the political situation as a citizen & we must respect his opinion .Pakistan needs managerial approach to solve its problems , not one Man show

  102. Dr. Sahib you are absolutely right and there is no doubt in what you are saying. PML N is the one which have potential to bring reform and PTI can be the best alliance they could have

  103. عوامی فلاح کے لیے دو اسلامی قوانین تو پندرہ منٹ میں پاس ھو سکتے ھیں اور اس میں ک…وءی خرچہ بھی نہیں ۔ اول کرپشن والوں کے ھاتھ کاٹنا دوم ملاوٹ والوں کو قتل کی سزا دینا ۔ مگر یہ مکار سیاست دان یہ نورہ کشتی اسی لیے کرتے ھیں کہ عوام کی خاطر کوءی قانون سازی نہ ھو سکے ۔ پاکستان کے بےوقوف لوگو ان کو پہچانو ۔ ان کی کاسہ لیسی نہ کرو ۔

  104. I also agree with Dr. Qadeer, He just targetting Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif and lying about there assets without proof (This is Bohtan), Since they declaare all there Assets and offer Imran Khan if there is more Assets he prove they will donate for his hospital. (This is on Principle).

  105. Imran is one man show…and his western culture intentions distory the islamic traditions…he want a co-culture and music,,,,he party base on the money of sata…..his all team based on people like ijaz khan jazi…his all supporter morally low as MQM ….example is give above…see the comments of PTI supporter how mean….they are…His jalsa was not a political gathering…that was a music show….

  106. I see only PTI can lead with a lot of energy. PML is brain child of army and Sharifs lack leadership. They couldn’t face army and there is no hope in future; I put them in people of past category with no relevance to the future.

  107. Dr.AQ khan, i'm your big fan, i can die for you. and i'm a PTI supporter too.
    from these two things you can realize that i want a better pakistan.
    i know it's really difficult what imran says, but haven't such revolutions changed the fortune of their nation and country in the world ?,
    i strongly wish that people like you must join hands with imran khan.
    he'll ensure sincerety and honesty.
    and you will ensure good policies.
    we don't have any option Sir.

  108. The comments of Sina are here and are totally correct Dr Qadeer has a right to his opinion and we must respect whatever opinion he holds. He may be a good scientist who served the country well but he may not necessarily be a political expert. Remember what Allama Iqbal said. Let me roughly translate his verse: Fearing of New Age, Sticking to the old order, This is the most difficult stage in the collective life of nations. It is not easy to change the system but the will of people has the potential to prove the likes of Dr Qadeer wrong.

  109. Dr Qadir khan is respected and honorable for u what he did. Its his personal opinion and every has right to express his feelings. But it didnot change any one opinion.
    It would be good if he stayed back from politics now we are feeling that he is loosing his respects in some masses. Although he is hero of Pakistan

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