‘We really need to be prepared this time!’


Following the weather advisory issued by the Pakistan Metrological Department that widespread rains are expected in the lower parts of Sindh including the flood-hit areas and Karachi, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has advised the authorities in all districts, especially in Thatta and Badin, to take precautionary measures.
According to an official handout issued on Tuesday, the PDMA has asked the district authorities to ensure that all pre-emptive steps are taken including activation of rain emergency centres and district emergency operation centres.
The districts, which were affected the most by the monsoon rains during August and September, were requested to ensure that necessary measures are taken for the protection of the already displaced and vulnerable population. 
The Karachi Electric Supply Company and the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company were asked to ensure uninterrupted power supply to pumping stations so that rainwater can be drained. They were also asked to secure electric transmission lines in case of strong winds and ensure prompt action to avoid electrocution due to fallen electric wires.
The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board and the Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Hyderabad were urged to ensure water is drained from low-lying areas of their respective cities.
The Defence Housing Authority and cantonment boards were asked to ensure that rainwater is drained through nullahs and loose structures and billboards are removed to avert any mishap as gusty winds have been forecasted.
The town municipal authorities were told to ensure that all nullahs have been cleaned to facilitate smooth and quick drainage of water.
The Karachi Building Control Authority was asked to take timely and necessary action to prevent any loss of life in case old and dilapidated buildings and structures collapse.
The PDMA has also asked district administrations to restrain fisherfolk and the general public from going into the sea and ensure the return of fisherfolk who are already there.