US-Taliban reconciliation


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Pakistan last month to meet Pakistani leadership and discuss various aspects of the Pak-US strategic relationship. She had successful meetings with top Pakistani leadership including Army Chief Gen Pervez Kiyani.

After this visit, she announced that US was ready to talk to Taliban including Taliban Chief Mullah Omar to make headway for the peace process in the region.

The US is seeking Quetta Shura’s help in these talks. Pakistan would not have suffered, had US followed this policy at the beginning. Pakistan has suffered the most in war against extremism, more than even Afghanistan and US itself.

Thousands of Pakistani soldiers have died and thousands of civilians have been killed in different terror activities by the extremists. Economy has largely been affected by this war too.

The democratic government of Pakistan called APC on 29 September and came up with the idea that, “Pakistan must initiate dialogue with a view to negotiate peace with our own people in the Tribal Areas and a proper mechanism for this be put in place” and “All Parties Conference recognised that there has to be a new direction and policy with a focus on peace and reconciliation. “Give peace a chance” must be the guiding central principle henceforth.”

It’s time for US and the world to recognise the sincere efforts made by democratic government of Pakistan for peace and prosperity of the region. Since US is planning to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan in 2014, it’s its duty to end Afghanistan issue properly and take Pakistan and Afghanistan into confidence to make these talks successful.