India behind Pakistan’s cricket isolation: Mani


Former International Cricket Council (ICC) chief Ehsan Mani has said that Pakistan Cricket Board did not work properly in spot-fixing case and the appearance of Pakistani cricketers in court is shameful for the whole country. Talking to media in Karachi, Mani said that it was not possible to eliminate corruption from cricket completely and also blamed India for isolating Pakistan. He said that new PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf has big challenges in domestic cricket and he has to build good relations with other cricket boards.
“Other players in the world inform their respective boards when they receive any offer from fixers but our players don’t do that,” he added. He also said that he is ready to serve the Pakistan cricket provided he was asked to do so. “India has played a major role in isolating Pakistan in international cricket,” the former president of ICC said. He said, “I am ready to serve Pakistan cricket but only when some one approaches me.”


  1. Ehsan Mani, a polite and presentable person. Nothing new what he said about Pakistan’s isolation in international cricket. But I appreciate his will to come out clean and say things openly, being the former chief of ICC.

  2. Although I appreciate Ehsan Mani’s whatever audacity in this matter, but it’s a bit late! Having said that, it would be interesting to see what he has to offer to Pak cricket, whenever he’s provided with such an opportunity – of course for such a (meritorious) thing to happen we’d need a system based on sanity! 🙂

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