Canteens, cafes fleecing people


The canteens and cafes at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) are fleecing people by overcharging the customers besides serving substandard food items.
Hundreds of people coming to the PIMS from across the country turn to these food points to save their time and money but expensive and substandard meal on the premises is creating problems for patients and their attendants.
An attendant of a patient, Kamran Khan, said on Monday that it was unfair that these canteen and cafes are fleecing poor people while selling substandard food items.
He alleged that the authorities concerned were paying no heed to the plight of the customers and hence were culprits in the wrongdoing.
“The quality of food items there is satisfactory and the high prices are another unbearable problem,” he remarked. The restaurateurs are blatantly overcharging customers despite the official warnings against the profiteers.
Muhammad Khan, another attendant of a patient at PIMS, complained that he went to buy a mineral water bottle and to his surprise, the shopkeeper was charging extra Rs 5 per bottle.
He also alleged that there was no check on the prices of foods and food quality on those points.
The standard cold drink bottle which is available for Rs 15 everywhere is being sold for Rs 20 to Rs.25, he claimed.
The shoppers complain that overcharging, sale of substandard food items and non-availability quality items simply mock the authorities concerned.
Shoppers demand the authorities concerned should take a stern action against the violators.
An official of the department concerned when contacted, said that the authorities checked the prices on regular basis and also take action in case of any malpractices.
“We have noted down the complaints and would take action against those shopkeepers involved in profiteering and poor services,” he added.