‘SC must take suo motu on drone attacks’


The forum of several political-cum-religious parties, the Difa-e-Pakistan Council on Monday asked the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo motu action against drone attack in Pakistan.
They said the SC to direct the government to demand compensation from the US for the 3,315 Pakistanis killed in the drone attacks. They said the government and armed forces must quit the so-called war on terror and implement the unanimously passed parliamentary resolution.
Addressing a joint press conference at Peshawar Press Club Maulana Syed Muhammad Yusuf Shah, Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam-Sami Ikramullah Shahid Dr Zakir Shah, Jamiat-e-Ahl-I-Hadees Maulana Ismail Darwish, Zubair Anjum, Abdul Qayyum League Syed Sher Shah and Jamaat-e-Ahl-I-Sunnat Syed ur Rahman Safi said the US was trying to destablise Pakistan through drone attacks, imposing an economic crisis and building Raymond Davis like networks after its defeat in Afghanistan.