Policeman granted bail in Sialkot lynching case


The Lahore High Court (LHC), while suspending the sentence awarded to Constable Yaseen, granted him bail in the Sialkot lynching case here on Monday.
A two-member LHC bench directed Constable Yaseen to submit surety bonds worth Rs.100,000 for the bail.
Yaseen’s counsel told the court that all police personnel, including the district police officer (DPO), have been released on bail.
The petitioners said the accused who get a sentence of less than five years may be released on bail until the hearing time, in accordance with the verdict by the Supreme Court (SC).
The petition further requested the court to release him on bail.


  1. i dont understand lahore high court,already the police men were not given severe punishment and now they are released on bail,till there appeal will be anounced.i am sure there punishment will be reduce from 3yrs to 1 yr.law has become a joke in pakistan.may Allah help the family of shaheed brothers…………ameen

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