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MFN status to India blocked

Pakistan’s top diplomatic authorities have decided to temporarily shelve the proposal to grant India the most favoured nation (MFN) trade status, reported a local newspaper.
The decision came after a hostile reaction from political parties to the proposal.
“We should not expect an immediate announcement…the final decision might get delayed,” a foreign ministry was quoted saying. “But the proposal is very much there…it is under the international trade agreement and there is no way we can shy away from it.”
Earlier this month, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khan informed the National Assembly that the government had in principle decided to give India the MFN status and a formal announcement was likely soon.

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  1. Harleen said:

    We welcome this decision.What trade possibly India can have with a bankrupt and economically shattered Pakistan which is going back to IMF with a begging bowl ? What will we export to them ? If the remittances of expatriates are delayed by 1 month, Pakistani Govt will have no money to pay salaries !!! Politically, the very foundations of Pakistan are laid on hatered towards India thats what they live for and thats what they would die for. Nothing good will ever come from there. Like beggars they have only list of demands and nothing to offer . So why treaty ?

  2. Allah Ditta said:

    India does not have any manufactured product which is going to be cheaper than Chinese manufactured product. It is China who has devastated the manufacturing infrastructure of counties like USA and India. Most of business will be done on letter of credit. I doubt many non high profile businessmen are willing to get their Indian Passport stamped repeatedly by visiting Pakistan. That is surely going to be curiosity of an immigration officer when they visit countries such as USA and Europe. These businessmen are likely to pulled out of line and then spend hours of explaining as to why they were in Pakistan and if they are involved in any hawala transaction. Business with Pakistan is going to involve payment by third parties and is going to involve hawala. No doubt about it.

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