Dengue is no joke


As a citizen of Pakistan, who has lost a young nephew to dengue, it pains me when political parties make a joke out of this disease which has killed more than 320 people. At least the Punjab government is seen making an effort to eradicate the killer mosquitoes and provide some sort of medical relief to those who suffer, with an inadequate medical health service system to which the government contributes almost nothing.

Most of the citizens cannot afford to pay for expensive private health care and the government seems to be least pushed about it. No system of government, whether a capitalist or socialist, can survive without a workable welfare system in place for poor masses. The federal government should have been seen coming to the aid of Punjab government and the people who were facing this killer mosquito. This federal government, like its predecessor, has failed to give priority to health and education. Now that health has been devolved to the provinces, funds should have been allocated and in view of this epidemic-like situation in Punjab, emergency relief funds should have been allocated.

My word of advice to Imran Khan is to stop ridiculing the victims of this epidemic by doing politics and making a joke of dengue. It is an epidemic which has to be collectively fought by the government and the people who live in this country. The people of Pakistan have to play their part by stop littering our cities with waste and stagnant water that breeds mosquitoes.