‘It’s as if he’s brought the World Cup home!’


For the first time in the history of the country, a political leader’s rally was able to attract students and youth in general, who constituted over 80 percent of the participants at the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Pakistan Bachao rally held on Sunday.
A large number of youth were also stopped by some elements from participating in the event as containers were placed on roads leading to the city. Insaf Student Federation, being able to attract over 80,000 people was also able to prove that it is the country’s greatest student body. Not only the public, but PTI Chairman Imran Khan himself admitted ISF’s role in making his rally a success and was thankful to his party’s student wing.
Students, generally not happy with the Punjab government over the recent issues of BISE results, specially attended Khan’s rally to show support for his cause. Oceans of people flooded Iqbal Park on Sunday where Khan was able to successfully show his party’s street power, especially in a venue that is considered to be Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s stronghold. Students and leaders of the party from all the four provinces made their way to Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore to make the meeting successful.
PTI supporters from Peshawar, Nankana Sahib, Jehlum, Rawalpindi, Mianwali and other cities arrived in Lahore early in the day while the party claimed many from Gunjranwala were stopped at Sagian Bridge and containers were put in their way. The seating arrangement which was seemingly excessive in the beginning fell short for the people continuously arriving at the venue till late evening. People from all profession including labourers, civil servant, farmers, vendors and factory workers attended Khan’s session. Even school children showed up in huge numbers.
The major triggering factor for the youth was the general unavailability of jobs in the country, which has made them dissatisfied with the present government’s policy. Apart from these extended power cuts, inflation and corruption also encouraged the youth to turn to Khan for answers. Another important factor was the presence of people from all walks of life, including school teachers, technocrats, students from elite institutions and many others were seen all together in Khan’s support.
Even though other parties, including the PML-N, PPP and Jamat-e-Islami have their political wings in institutions also but it seemed that only ISF was able to attract the youth to come out onto the streets. It was observed that students also came with their families, carrying flags and stickers showing support for the PTI while some had also got their faces and hands painted. Prolific and unique arrangements were made at the PTI jalsa. Balloons, remote control airplanes with PTI’s flag and enthusiastic music kept the function live and vibrant.
Many students were attending a jalsa for the very first time. “I’ve never been to any protest or rally, but this man seemed true and honest, I had to come here,” said Ayesha a student of LSE. She said that all of her friends who had accompanied her were first timers. She said that Imran Khan had the honour of bring the people out on the streets for the first time and that proved his success.
Sumera, a student of FAST National University, who was attending the session with her family, said a number of her friends were also attending the session and they were members of the ISF. She said she had campaigned from many days to convince students to attend Khan’s rally and had also asked them to bring their families. She said the students of the country wanted positive changes and had chosen Khan as their leader.
“We want a revolution and only Imran Khan can bring it,” said Huzaifa, a PU student, adding “Imran Khan is the only honest leader out there”. “We are sick and tired of PML-N and of PPP and the rest, we are sick of what they have done to our country,” said Ali, another student. “Our rulers do not know how to run a country and the public has become a victim of their bad policies, it is a time for change,” said Rashid, a GCU student.
“Imran Khan is honest that is why the youth supports him. He has come out with a positive attitude and God willing he is our next prime minister,” said Kiran Fatima , a school student. Punjab ISF President Farukh Habib said nobody can stop the youth now since they had expressed their opinion regarding Imran Khan, adding that the youth, under Khan, would bring a tsunami that would wash the incumbent rulers away. He said even though the government had tried to stop the youth, they had still showed up in large numbers.
Waqas Iftikhar, another ISF worker, said it was the result of their day and nights effort that around 30,000 ISF members and 60,000 students from other institutions had showed up for Khan’s rally.


  1. kAPTAN IS THE REAL CHAMP–in 1992 he brought the w cup home — and now he is trying to fly pakistan high to skies

  2. تخت لاہور کی جنگ
    عمران خان ، اسٹیبلشمنٹ کا سپاہی ، نواز لاہور کا پرانا دعویدار
    سرائیکی ایریا ، سندھ ،بلوچستان، خیبر پختونخواہ ،کشمیر ، گلگت بلتستان کے عوام کا اس سیاست سے کوئی تعلق نہیں
    یہ لوگ نیا جال لا رہے ہیں – یہ ہماری نئے صوبوں کی جدوجہد اور موجودہ صوبوں کے عوام کے حقوق کے مخالف ہیں
    Youth will have to come out and do something themselves

    • personally i m against division of country in provinces there should be districts instead of them of counties.

      any ways Imran Khan is fighting for the best of Pakistan and me a 23 year old is with him and not only me there are more who attended the jalsa and also those who did not

    • PTI has been organizing successful rallies all over Pakistan for a while, this one is the largest and most significant as its in Lahore; its not just one rally; its years of hard work and determination that has resulted in this.

      There is every reason to be ecstatic, emotional and above all hopeful for a bright future. Those who say Pakistani nation is spineless and never comes out to the streets, has no sense of their rights and is corrupt at all levels have been proven wrong. What we were missing was leadership and Khan Sb. is a true leader.

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