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PTI to show off its power at Minar-e-Pakistan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) would stage a massive public rally against the government at 2pm in the ground of Minar-e-Pakistan on Sunday.
On this occasion, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chief Imran Khan and other party leaders would address the rally. “Throw out this government and save the country,” is PTI campaign’s slogan.
The allies of PTI from all over the country would participate in the rally under the leadership of their local party leaders.

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  1. rana imran advocate said:

    captain is always and everywhere captain.May God fulfill the noble deeds of Imran khan about to bring positive change in Pakistan.

  2. Irfan Ali said:

    Khuda Is Jalse ko Kamyab kare ye Hamari Dua Ha
    Aur Pakistan Per se ik Acha Mulk Bane.
    Khuda Imran Khan Ko kamyab Kari

  3. alert(‘’) said:


  4. Shahid Malik said:

    PML-N held a much publicised jalsa in a chowk. Imran Khan is holding his public meeting in a huge venue. Though time will tell, but apparently, it seems Imran will show a much more impressive show tomorrow. And that too, without support of Punjab government machinery. The Prime Minister is 100% right when he says Sharif brothers are facing lot of trouble because of Dengue & Imran Khan.

  5. Malik Mahmood said:

    its too early..imran khan will give a tough time by tomorrow but honeslty the way that IK is going, he will go in wrong directons..PMLN will not win and even Ik only PPPP again will come and they will screw us for next five years

  6. Farhan said:

    In my opinion PML-N should be the first target of IK because people are already aware of PPP's performance and not ready to give them another chance. Those who voted for PPP in last elections would not go for Nawaz but with IK. So main target should be N league.

  7. Ali said:

    It is a good sign that PMLN and PTI two rightist forces are fighting with each other. These two parties r backed by extremists. It will benefit PPP a liberal force, and it will benefit Pakistan.

  8. Azhar said:

    Online agency has not write this news story properly…
    first this is not rally it will be public gathering and
    how ‘online’ can be sure that rally (jalsa) will be massive?

  9. Chand Khan said:

    Nothing going to happen. He has all those corrupt political leaders in his pocket who were expelled from different political parties(PML Q & N, PPP, JI, IJT etc) on grave charges of moral and financial corruption. They all are turn coats(Loatay). One must not be befooled by these elements.

  10. david said:

    GOD speed PTI-IK
    we wish you all the luck….

    hope you have a mammoth gathering…

  11. Omer said:

    Good luck…people should go out to his rally …come on lahoris …it's time to show the nation,who should lead …Inqilab via Insaaf

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