F1 drivers stunned by Indian poverty


They screech in on private jets and party with the rich and famous, but Formula One’s pampered drivers admitted India’s grinding poverty had given them a jolting reality check.
Although the brand new Buddh International Circuit appears, against many expectations, to be ready for the inaugural Indian Grand Prix, the plush facilities cannot hide the sheer squalor of the country outside. Britain’s Jenson Button said coming to India was “difficult” for the drivers, who have been stunned at the living conditions glimpsed outside their luxury hotels.


    • What’s wrong with you; these are not pakistan’s views, these are the formula One drivers who view you

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        Delhi Metro, Terminal 3 and now Metro in Bangalore your media don't know about that hahha Since this formula1 make you look so bad you had to quote someone…haha

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  3. Honestly, just look all over the internet, the paki papers have only negative things to say about the F1 from poverty to ticket sales to custom duties. Grow up guys, and get your media to as well. While we face these issues, there is a positive feeling that we are doing something about it. Its time to introspect and yeah get your media to get that little bit impartial, the F1 was a SUCCESS… FYI.

  4. Well i have seen this f1 thing in papers all over the world and they seem to praising india for the way it has hosted this galmoros game..even the f1 chief was impressed.
    But pakistani papers are an exception!

    As for the poverty,dont worry india has a 10% economing growth per year and we dont need to worry about poverty because by 2025-2030 this problem is gonna be finished.It's time that we start dreaming big,

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