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Punjab Police has become ‘Sharif Force’: Aisha Ahad

Aisha Ahad Malik, who claims to be the daughter-in-law of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, on Thursday appealed to the president, prime minister, chief justice of Pakistan and the Interior minister to provide her security from Punjab Police, which has become the “Sharif Force”.
Addressing a press conference at the National Press Club, she denied association with any political party or having a political agenda. She said the ‘Sharif Force’ was intimidating her after registering illegal and baseless cases against her and threatening to kill her.
She swore on the Holy Quran that Hamza Shahbaz had solemnised Nikkah with her and that she was his legal wife. Aisha said Hamza was the mastermind behind the cases registered against her, and that if she or any of her family members were murdered, Hamza Shahbaz, former chief justice of Lahore High Court Khawaja Sharif, former inspector general of Police Rana Maqbool and Hamza’s brother-in-law Ali Imran Yousaf should be held responsible.
She claimed to have submitted an application in this regard at Islampura Police Station, Lahore, but regretted that the police had not even received the application.
She alleged that Hamza had forced her to sign divorce papers. “My crime was to ask Hamza to accept me as his wife publicly,” she added.

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  1. shirjheel said:

    Simple, DNA test to find out whether she is the real wife or not

  2. Muhammad Shahid Rana said:

    Ayesha Ahad Malik is the daugher PLL(Q) leader, if she ask truth then why she go to the court and submit her evidence there, Her current activities shows that she only want to damage the repute of PML(N). Please note that i am not the supporter of PML(N). I vote to PTI in comming elections….

    • Fujitive said:

      If the PML(N) is left with any repute except for ill repute.

  3. naeem said:

    Her father is ex MPA of PML (N) later joined PML (Q)
    Every one Knows better what’s the result behing.

  4. Adeel Ch said:

    Jhoot hai sb ka sb. Agar iss aurat ko ezat piyari hai tou media per q ati hai iss tarha

    • Naveed Alam said:

      Adeel Shahb Agar ye Tumhari Behan Ka saat hota tu tab bhi ye hi khete ya us ke Haq ke liye Awaz uthate.

      • ayaz noor said:

        mr adeel put your self in her shoes and think it is say to sit there and say that someone is wrong we all know what the sharifs r and plz go into the depths of the matter before being judmental it is not easy for a women to take such a step and come on media i m very sure that she is right and i will support her

  5. Shakeel said:

    Adeel saab is aurat ko izat pyari ha isi liye to wo media per a kar such bolnay ka hosla rakhti ha

  6. ali said:

    Its just the reflection of our corrupt society, how far someone can go for money, politics and to damage someone repute.

    • ayaz noor said:

      moreover for ur information Ayesha ahad already has alot of wealth from her fathers side as well and she doesnt need any financial support for ant man to run her chores Next time you must go into the depths of the matter before being over judgmental and ruining someones reputation

  7. Naveed Alam said:

    That is True, Hamza Shebaz is Dirty Man, Many Girls is Targeted his Cheapness

  8. Ahmed Chohan said:

    Hamza Shebaz ganda banda hai .shebaz shrif nay bi bibio ki line laga reki hai.Ye sub
    dirty log hein.with ppp leder ship bi.

  9. Omer said:

    I support Imran. I believe that both the parties are corrupt.
    However, in this matter, I think the lady in question should give evidence on media or in court.I think that if she had Nikah with hamza, there should be a Nikah Nama somewhere, 4 witnesses as expected for a sharaee Nikah and some sort of other evidence.
    Otherwise, he may very well have a relationship with the girl, without being married..which is wrong but unfortunately acceptable in the current immoral classes of Pakistan.

  10. Sara said:

    Hamza ne pata nahin aur kitni auratoon ke saath zulm kia aur unko chor dia.
    Allah ki lathi be awaaz hai.
    Is zaalim ko kahin na kahin tau saza milni thi na. Ayesha Ahad ne bohat bahadari ka kaam kia hai inko expose kar ke.

  11. M. Rafique Akmal said:

    Is family ka bhe kia character hay. Jesa baap wese beta. Shame for PML(N)

  12. Irfan Malik said:

    Ayesha Ahad, I am Irfan Malik, the one who’s kids were kidnapped with your help by your cousin and you threatened me to go to any forum (Police or Judicial) you will see how I am able to get my kids back, Ayesha Ahad now you would know the pain of getting beaten by the police, remember I was beaten by 20 policemen because you wanted it, my 3 and half year daughter went to police station because of you why do you claim your masoom bachi my bachi was even younger.

  13. ayaz noor said:

    shame on u irfan malik learn to respect woman we all know that ayesha ahad is a good person so stop ruining her reputation and this is how low and cheap u r that u r sayin that her bachi is not masoom and should be beaten shame on u for God sake have a heart

  14. amber said:

    ayaz u r totally right i know ayesha ahad malik and i must tell u one thing that she is a very nice lady and has a heart off gold and is very kind to the poor she has also helped me in my bad time when i had on money on work i can never thank her alot for what she did for me ayesha we all know that u r right u should nt care about what people say coz people will never let u live all they want in life gossip so just let them

  15. ali said:


  16. ali said:

    boys we all should help ayesha and daughter and save them from hamza the family

  17. sara said:

    it is very sad that they didnt even spear aisha ahad’s daughter mahnoor nd attigue dogar the inspecter who has beaten aisha ahad and was found guilty in DIG’s inquiry has been reinstated and has been posted as SHO barki lahore wow great justice by Khadim-e-alla i must say i m very sure that aisha is right and no matter what me and my family will stand with her coz we dont want the same to happen with our sisters mothers or dauthers it's high time we all should raise our voice against the Hamza shabaz's injustice with his wife aisha ahad

  18. ali said:

    ts is very sad that they didnt even spear aisha ahad’s daughter mahnoor nd attigue dogar the inspecter who has beaten aisha ahad and was found guilty in DIG’s inquiry has been reinstated and has been posted as SHO barki lahore wow great justice by Khadim-e-alla i must say

  19. sara said:

    i m sure that aisha is right and me and my family will stand with her on matter what co we dont want the same to happen with our mothers sisters or daughters

  20. maham said:

    Stay strong ayesha we r all with u and ur daughter dont u worry everthing be fine soon inshallah this too shall pass inshallah

  21. maham said:

    and if u need any kind of help i m there just an email away i would love to be a help for u and ur family plz feel free to ask me and ppl tell me a way to contact ayesha or her family plz my email is [email protected]

  22. Irfan Malik said:

    Ayesha Ahad previously married to Sardar Qadir a person why did she got divorce from him? was it to grab Hamza Shahbaz

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