Justice Azmat Saeed welcomed as likely new LHC CJ


The members of legal and judicial community were in a celebrative mood on Thursday over news reports circling across the country that Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed is likely to be named the next chief justice of the Lahore High Court (LHC) after elevation of Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry to the Supreme Court (SC), which has already been recommended by the Judicial Commission on Thursday.
A favourite of lawyers and court officials alike, Justice Saeed will be the 40th chief justice of the historic LHC on whose benches British judges once sat in pre-partition India. Azmat had joined the LHC on December 1, 2004 and will retire on August 27, 2016 if he is not elevated to the SC before that time. It is for his sharpness, unique work style, unmatched judicial sagacity and fiercely-guarded integrity that Justice Saeed is known in legal circles as the “British-styled judge in local skin”.
Reacting to the elevation of the current chief justice to the SC, the judicial staff and the lawyers told Pakistan Today that though there was a shortage of judges at the LHC as well, it had become urgent to end the shortage of judges at the SC, which was the apex court of the country and was hearing very important cases of great national significance. Since Justice Azmat was the senior-most judge among the 37 judges of the LHC after Ijaz Chaudhry, he is slated to take over the post once Chaudhry leaves for Islamabad.


  1. i congratulate him because he is the right man for this post he is a man of his words and decides every thing on merit and knows his work.

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