PTI orders 20,000 more chairs for public meeting


Expecting a massive crowd, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) has ordered additional 20,000 chairs for its public meeting to be held in Lahore on October 30.
The party sources informed that initially an order of 40,000 chairs was placed, but due to massive crowd that is expected on the occasion, another order for more 20,000 chairs has been placed with a catering company in Lahore.
A large number of people from various parts of Punjab and tribal areas contacted the PTI leaders to participate in the meeting in Lahore that would be addressed by PTI Chairman Imran Khan, the sources informed.
The public meeting would be held at Minar-e-Pakistan in the capital city of Punjab province, said the sources.


  1. Lahorians you have to prove, make this history.. Mehran, Baloschistan, Khaber Pakhtun khwa and every individual Pakistani living in a country or abroad looking to you.. My prayers and best wishes are with you peoples..

    • Fatima Bibi, I sponsor $100/month living in Canada. The rest of my famly, my friends and many Pakistani who are living here are sponsoring this party.

      Plus, Ik just did a tour of North America and UK, and in each stop, he raised on average $60-70K.

      If you just had bothered to read PTI's press releases, you would not have exposed your ignorance.

    • Me & many others are sponsor . From Osaka Japan
      I am proud to be part of this even not there physically.All my prayers are with PAK & PTI

    • You need to practice writing meaningful and complete sentences. Your message does not make sense even then you got -5. Imagine how down can you go once people start getting you completely.

  2. @ Asma Fatima Yesterday their representitives told that people who love Imran Khan & Party fund is being used which was collected by Imran Khan in USA for party…

    • Yaar, pls vsit PTI's website. You will get all the details. Allah ki qasam, nothing is hidden. :):)

      But just do not be ignorant. Pls.


    • Fraz that is invalid, because IK receives millions of dollars from overseas Pakistanis. They continue to fund IK and he has recently visited the US to collect funds for his party.

  3. zardari nay imran aur sharifs ko appas may laga diya taka koi PPP kay karnamo kee taraf na dekha.

    Indian Chankia Diplomacy Kill your Opponent through his Opponent.

    • yaar again…. what's is really compelling you to spread your ignorance.

      Stop insulting us and others on these forums by assuming that we will buy into your nonsense

      Pls educate yourself; you will do a great favour to yourself. TY

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