Occupy Islamabad Movement launched


Activists of various left-wing political parties and progressive organisations on Wednesday launched the ‘Occupy Islamabad’ movement and held a rally against the capitalist system. Inspired by worldwide protest demonstrations against capitalism, around 150 left-political workers, students and trade unionists launched a movement titled ‘Occupy Islamabad’ at Aabpara Market. Later they marched towards World Bank (WB) building, situated near Constitution Avenue.
Carrying red flags and placards in their hands, the participants of the rally raised slogans against the United States and imperialism, and condemned the US policy of intervening in the affairs of developing countries.
On their way from Aabpara to the culmination point, the participants of the rally distributed leaflets among the people, highlighting the effect of capitalism on the lives of people around the globe.
A heavy contingent of police was present near WB building and throughout the route of the rally.
Police were rough up with the protesters and blocked their way around 100 metres away from WB building. However, protesters removed this obstacle and managed to reach the front of WB building.
heated arguments were took place between protesters and police officials.
After reaching the front on the WB building, the protesters chanted slogans passionately against against WB and demanded of the high-ups of WB not to interfere in Pakistan’s internal economic and social affairs.
They demanded that Pakistanis be left alone to decide their economic and social fate.
Workers’ Party Pakistan’s Asim Sajjad , Nisar Shah of Labour Party, Azam Janjua of Socialist Movement, Jahangir Aktar (Pakistan’s Anna Hazara), Dr Farzana Bari and Alia Amirali of the National Student Federation, and Munir Comrade of the Railway Union spoke on the occasion.
“Two decades after the end of the Cold War it is finally being recognised that capitalism has taken humanity towards barbarity and there is need to articulate real, meaningful alternatives that save humankind and the natural environment,” said Asim Sajjad.
The speakers were of the view that while the Wall Street occupants had called attention to the devastation caused by capitalism in the United States and the First World, capitalism in Pakistan meant the devastating impacts of privatisation and restructuring in the state enterprises such as PTCL and Pakistan Railways; the failure of WB-funded mega-water initiatives, such as the Left Bank Outfall (LBOD) and Taunsa Barrage Project; progressive deterioration of public services such as health and education; and the exponential increase in the prices of basic amenities.
The speakers alleged that the International Monetary Fund, the WB, the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) had become the tools of capitalism and imperialism to suck the blood of the poor.
The rally was organised by the recently established Anti-Capitalist Front.
“Capitalism is crumbling at its centres and the current global anti-capitalist movement will bury it,” said Dr Farzana Bari.


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