Moin says crash has made him stronger


A US based Pakistani, Moin Khan, who embarked upon a motorbike journey from the USA to Pakistan, has pronounced his intent to resume his journey soon following a road accident in Romania. Moin wrote on his Facebook page: “My bike’s totaled, a couple bones are broken, but the will to continue and accomplish my goal is stronger than ever before. On the 20th of October, I was heading to Timisora from Arad, Romania when a car collided head-on into me. I was immediately rushed to the hospital. They initially thought I’d broken a leg in two places and my right shoulder, had cracked my pelvic bone, and fractured my right wrist. However, after getting a whole body X-ray, they discovered I only had a few ribs broken and everything else was heavily bruised and not broken. I was put on a hospital bed that was to be my bedroom, bathroom, dinning table and everything in the middle for the next few days. On the fourth day, the pain got better…a lot better.” He named his journey as ‘A Different Agenda’.
The purpose of Moin’s visit is to change perceptions about Pakistan which unfortunately has faced a media trial for some years. “I was able to stand up for the first time and actually walked to the bathroom with the help of a few very friendly Romanians. Moulnar, the guy who was driving the car that hit me, came to visit me every day. The Police paid a few visits. But the people who helped me get through this ‘not so amazing’ time were Cristinel and his wife, Julieta, Daniel, Niko and Barboo. Without their help, I would be in a different situation right now,” Moin wrote.


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