Military denies BBC report on Taliban links


The military on Thursday strongly denied a BBC report that alleged the Pakistani military, along with its intelligence arm, supplied and protected the Afghan Taliban and al Qaeda. A number of middle-ranking Taliban commanders detailed what they said was extensive Pakistani support in interviews for a BBC Two documentary series, the first part of which was broadcast on Wednesday.
A former head of Afghan intelligence also told the programme Afghanistan gave former president General Pervez Musharraf, information in 2006 that Osama bin Laden was hiding in northern Pakistan. The former al Qaeda leader was killed in the same area by US special forces in May this year. “We consider that this report is highly biased, it is one-sided, it doesn’t have the version of the side which is badly hit or affected by this report,” military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told Reuters.


  1. of course..general, must be right…after all everypne knows you were right when your paki govt said OSAMA is not in pakistan….

    • Kindly keep your American bullshit in America. We Pakistanis face death and destruction every day and we are indeed losing people and resources that completely surpasses any other loss of any other country in the world. So go to Hell. Oh wait you already booked yourself a one way ticket there with your amazing economic models.

  2. @rkfromUSA: & US would know if Osama was there..if Osama was actually caught, why was his body thrown in the ocean without any pictures!!?? When Saddam was caught, his footage was shown to the world. And guess what, all the US SEALs part of the operation died in a crash after 1 month. The only thing is CIA has nothing to prove and its trying to make baseless allegations against Pakistan's identity so that it can put the Afghanistan war loss on Pakistan!!!

    & on what basis does CIA enter the territory of Pakistan and use drone attacks to kill SUSPECTS..No trial and just bomb. So please look into your internal affairs.

    Its all part of a conspiracy. Don't worry we can take care of ourselves, we don't need your intervention in our integrity!!!

  3. pampered americans only know how to say "do more!", only if they know how many husbands ,sons fathers and brothers have been lost by pakistanis in this very american war ……would they start to talk sense and except the realities in afghanistan

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