Drone kills four militants in SWA


A US drone killed four militants including, a commander, in a strike in Azam Warsak area of South Waziristan Agency on Thursday, source said. The drone fired six missiles on a vehicle in Trua Gola area of Azam Warsak at 9:45pm, killing four militants of Maulvi Nazir group, a major faction of Pakistani Taliban. Local source said Commander Khan Mohammad, younger brother of Mauvli Nazir, and Hazrat Omar were among the killed militants.
Sources confirmed that the drone strike had killed four people who included brother of militants commander Maulvi Nazir. “US drone hit a vehicle of militants in Azam Warsak, killing Commander Khan Mohammad, Hazrat Omar, Miraj Wazir and Ashfaq,” the sources said. Khan Mohammad was the commander of Wana and considered an influential personality in the area.