Two killed by rival group


A 45-year-old man and his nephew were shot dead on the Grand Trunk (GT) Road while they were returning to their homes after appearing before the court in the Batapura Police precincts on Tuesday.
The deceased men were identified as 45-year-old Shabbir Ahmed and 30-year-old Muhammad Akram, residents of Lakhan Sharif village in Batapur Police Area. The police sources said that the family of the deceased had an old enmity with the Shahbaz Group. Shabbir and Akram were attacked when they were returning to their homes after attending a hearing of an attempted murder case registered against them with the Batapur Police few days ago. Shabbir and Akram were shot dead by two motorcyclists belonging to the Shahbaz Group. Police arrived at the scene and shifted bodies to the morgue for autopsy. Police sources said that a case yet had not been registered yet as the victims’ families had not filed a complaint. Investigations Superintendent Police (SP) Syed Ameen Bukhari informed that the deceased men’s group had killed a member of the Shahbaz Group in 2007, adding that the rivalry between the two groups was old and its reasons were unknown.