Talking to the Taliban


The headline “Convince Taliban to talk, US asks Pakistan” of a leading English daily speaks volumes. Is this what the high powered delegation of Hillary Clinton had in their kitty? Then why have the Americans who had been holding talks with the Taliban – even they got arranged those talks in Dubai, and Ms Hillary Clinton admitted she used ISI for establishing contacts with Haqqanis –been blocking Islamabad from holding talks with the Pakistani Taliban? This is what the saner elements have been calling for in Pakistan.

Imran Khan has for long been advising the government to adopt a policy of talks with the Taliban since ages and now the army chief has given his nod for these talks. Why, just because the Americans want it?

A section of press has also dedicated itself to plead for reviewing the policy of blindly following the Americans and go for a policy in accordance with the national interest. Nobody paid heed to it until now, when Hillary Clinton wants it. There has to be some indigenous thinking and following.

The issue has to be solved politically through negotiations by engaging all stakeholders, taking all sections of society into confidence and keeping the tribal people’s interest in mind.