No possibility of war with Pakistan: US


Ruling out any possibility of war with Pakistan, the US on Tuesday said Pakistan’s cooperation against al Qaeda was important. Briefing reporters, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her senior counterparts had a very frank and good conversation with Pakistani authorities about the need to fight and talk with terrorists. She said the US had intensified Afghan-led efforts to clean out the safe havens on the Afghanistan side of the border and “we are looking to work with Pakistan to do more against those safe havens”.
“We are prepared to talk to those terrorists who come off the battlefield and respect the red lines drawn by the Afghan government for this process,” she said. Nuland said Clinton had specifically talked about the need for squeezing the Haqqani network and the ways in which Washington wanted Pakistanis to take a lead on it but the concern was that if Pakistan did not deal with the threat, it would come back to bite Pakistan. “We have a similar message when we were starting our work together against al Qaeda, which has been quite successful,” she said.
HILLARY DID NOT THREATEN PAKISTAN: The US embassy in Islamabad has denied reports suggesting that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an interview, had threatened that the US could take unilateral action against Pakistan. “Several articles in Pakistani newspapers on Tuesday misquoted US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her Bloomberg interview in Tajikistan, reporting that she “threatened” Pakistan and implied that the US intends to take unilateral military action against Pakistan,” said an embassy statement.
It said, “This is false, the secretary has consistently made clear in her public statements, including the Bloomberg interview, that the US stands together with Pakistan and Afghanistan to avoid ‘dire consequences’ that could result in the region if the three countries do not work together to ‘squeeze and shutdown’ the terrorist threat on both sides of the border.”


  1. The war crowd seems to have been silenced. The recent visit of Secretary Clinton to Islamabad and her sudden change of tone, and heart, was no surprise to anyone. It clearly suggests that, for its economic compulsions, the US wants to get out of the Afghanistan mess it has created itself, as soon as possible. It wants to do so without compromising on its broader objectives and its interests in the region. It seeks to broker a peace deal with the Taliban factions through Pakistan and is pressuring Pakistan to push Haqqanis, the most powerful of Taliban, to the negotiating table. It thought Pakistan could arm-twist Haqqanis into submission through a military operation in North Waziristan. The US thinks that Pakistan, for a variety of reasons, has the “capacity to encourage, to push, to squeeze … terrorists, including the Haqqanis and the Afghan Taliban, to be willing to engage on the peace process”. This reflects the reality that the United States is desperate and is running out of options in Afghanistan. This explains the clear pattern of sweet-talk, coerce and sweet-talk again. Read more at:

  2. the statement is quiet the opposite Fraz they are bankrupt and they can't afford another war with any country without foreign support. now they can't justify there claims against Pakistan for which it would be even more impossible to attack Pakistan

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