Mary McBride Band performs for journalists


The Mary McBride Band named after the singer and songwriter, performed at the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday in a brilliant performance, giving music lovers a refreshing new sound to listen to in a live gig.
The band is American, with its roots in folk and country music. Mary McBride on vocals enthralled the audience with her powerful voice in her complete control, supplemented by Gregg Beshers’ acoustic rhythms and Paul Carbonara on electric leads. Drummer Bobby Lloyd Hicks, who is also a Grammy winner and bassist Dan Carr gave an equally inspiring performance.
The small jam session was organised in memory of Daniel Pearl, the renowned Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2002. His sister had the idea to commemorate Pearl in a way that he would have appreciated, that is through music. Pearl himself used to play instruments including the violin. In 2002, master violin maker Jonathan Cooper even crafted a special Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin to carry on Pearl’s tradition of connecting people through music. The gig was organised by the US Consulate Department of Cultural Activities. The band has performed in Islamabad and will now perform in Karachi. They expressed their happiness in coming to Pakistan and said that they were given a lot of hospitality and a warm welcome.


  1. Just attended their show in Karachi and that was fabulous! specially the Mary has her band's performance was simply brilliant!

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