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The federal government and the Supreme Court are once again in confrontation. Had Moonis Elahi been a commoner, the charges of defalcating crores of rupees in the NICL scam would have been probed speedily and the matter settled without any controversy as had happened earlier in the Bank of Punjab scam. That he was a scion of the PML(Q) leadership which is a crucial partner in the PPP-led coalition government things are altogether different. The Supreme Court has rightly insisted on a transparent enquiry of the case. Right from day one, reports of investigators transferred, suspended and investigation delayed have continued to appear in the media. This has roused suspicions in the minds of the common man. As the investigation was being carried out by the FIA working under the interior ministry, accusations have been levelled that the government was blatantly interfering in the investigation to save Moonis Elahi.

In the meanwhile, several senior bureaucrats have been implicated in one way or the other in the affair. Those cooperating with the court have been subjected to transfers. Those not seen to be cooperating stand in danger of losing their career or going to jail. With contempt notices pending against the Establishment Secretary and two retired federal secretaries and notice to DG FIA for non-compliance with the court order, a cloud hangs over their future.

With the country under pressure from the US and the terrorists, the opposition planning to launch a joint movement, a confrontation with the Supreme Court is the last thing that any government would like to add to its problems. There is a need on the part of the PPP leadership to fully cooperate with the Supreme Court. The allies should be told plainly that a confrontation does not suit the country or the ruling alliance.


  1. Good editorial. This PPP government has institutionalised corruption and made it into a profitable business for ruling elite, land mafia and all other criminal elements which are its political allies, instead of punishing these criminals. Monnis Elahi's release by a friendly prosecution is a slap on our face.

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