US denies Clinton warned Pakistan of “dire consequences”


The United States has denied that the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her Bloomberg interview in Tajikistan
had threatened Pakistan of dire consequences implying that the United States intends to take unilateral military action Pakistan.
Reacting to several articles in newspapers Tuesday, the US Embassy here said that the Secretary of State was misquoted.
It pointed out that the Secretary has consistently made clear in her public statements, including the Bloomberg interview, that the United States stands together with Pakistan and Afghanistan to avoid “dire consequences” that
could result in the region if the three countries do not work together to “squeeze and shutdown” the terrorist threat on both sides of the border.
The Embassy reproduced the remarks of the Secretary of State stating: “I have made it clear that there will be dire consequences for Pakistan as well as Afghanistan if this threat from the terrorist networks is not contained,
at the very least, because there’s no way that any government in Islamabad can control these groups. This is an opportunity, while we are still with 48 nations across the border in Afghanistan, where we have a lot of assets that
we can put at their disposal, for us to work to really limit the threat posed by these groups… I think, following our conversations and the clarity that I believe was created, there’s a much greater understanding and
appreciation of what we can do together to deal with these mutual threat”.