Nusrat Bhutto was held hostage in Dubai: Mumtaz


Sindh National Front Chairman Mumtaz Bhutto has said Begum Nusrat Bhutto had been kidnapped from Karachi and detained at Dubai for political objectives till her death. Speaking to reporters at Al-Murtaza House on Monday, he expressed his regret that body of Begum Bhutto was not handed over to her legal heirs.
He said instead of her body being bought to her husband’s house, it had been taken to a rest house which was an injustice. Bhutto said Nusrat’s family members had been deprived of their right of performing her religious rituals, adding that she had been separated from her grandchildren for 15 years even when she wanted to live with them.


  1. i feel pity for these estranged bhuttos, esp Fatima who is way more genuine and sympathetic than bilawal. at least, having spent time in Pak, she is in touch.

  2. Mr. Mumtaz Bhutto the opportunist must understand that there was also medical reasons to keep Begum Nusrat Bhutto in UAE. Please stop playing dirty politics. The real close ones are not you but Madam Genewa Bhutto wife of late Murtaza Bhutto and his kids.

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