NICL scam likely to take a new turn today


The National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) scam involving over Rs 9 billion is likely to take a new turn as the Supreme Court takes it up today (Tuesday) after a couple of weeks during which the chief investigator of the scam, Zafar Qureshi retired and the main accused Moonis Elahi got acquitted.
A three-member SC bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Tariq Parvez will take up the case, in which the attorney general, the FIA director general, Qureshi, the deputy attorney general and the Punjab additional prosecutor general will appear on notice. The court will examine how Moonis, whose guilt was proved during the course of the investigation, got acquitted and it will also depute another investigator to head the investigation. Besides, the court will examine the 100-page investigative report of the scam submitted by Qureshi on September 30, the day of his retirement.
The court is also likely to take action against Interior Secretary Khawaja Siddique Akbar and FIA Director General Tehseen Anwar Shah, in light of Qureshi’s report contending that he had tried his best to finalise a closing challan but failed, as the interior secretary and the FIA director general did not let him complete it by adopting delaying tactics. Qureshi, a senior FIA officer, who earned a name for exposing influential people in the scam, retired on September 30, regretting that “stumbling blocks” in the bureaucracy did not let him finish his job.


  1. gilani, shujaat and moonis sitting on one sofa the situation is clear. well done sadat kay betay gilani. KIA TUM HAMESHA ZINDA RAHO GAY CORRUPTION KA MAAL KHANAY KAY LIAYYE>

  2. This is the influential corruption and looting law by the chaudhrys decoity.They think that Monis Ellahi has rights to do so.This is only a law tragedy that they had a full cooperation by the Prime Minister as well as The prisident that they will get him release soon and they did it well because of bail from the cangro court, no high eructed post from FIA had a wish to peruse the case in the High Court after the bail from session court.Chaudhrys are the Gunda of the Gujrat and they produced a special place in the gujrat for this noble cause that is called a NUT HOUSE.Where the every obnoxious person are allow to set in.In the ruling era of the Chaudhrys they looted every farmer in the district Gujrat ,they got thier sugar cane whole crop and never paid them a single penny against this so,they let the sugar cane crop drop in the area.They looted this nation in the name of agricultural loan and destroyed the cooperative banks .There must not be murcy for the mentally retorted man Ch Shujat,and his sister husband Ch Pervaiz Ellahi and his son Monis Elahi.

  3. The DG FIA and State Prosecutors are guilty of obstructing justice. After all two fake accounts were opened and over Rs320 Million deposited in them. If these accounts were not opened by Moonis Elahi, than there has to be somebody else. The bank officials are responsible for this crime, for not establishing the veracity of account holders. This is criminal and an invitation to all robbers to plunder ruthlessly as long as they share the pie with those have right political connections.

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