Moonis Elahi’s release


Moonis Elahi’s release is great news for the Chaudhrys of Gujrat while it is not much so for the rest of the political clans. The success they achieved while sitting in government’s lap is the reward of compromising Punjab’s political, demographical and geographical strength. While others, including Nawaz Sharif and even the MQM, have been knocked out time and again, Chaudhrys have proved their political skill once again, no matter what the price is.

This has exposed the myth of independent judiciary. True, what can a court do if it is provided with witnesses, prosecution and evidence according to the choices and not for justice? But it seems President Zardari has in hands a lot of cards. It seems major part of deal is going to be implemented by the Chaudhrys after Moonis’ acquittal. This phase can be dangerous for Punjab as well as for the Khadim-e-Aala and his brother. Causing dent to Sharifs’ political future is no big deal but blowing an irreversible damage to the Punjab politically and demographically will be unprecedented and unforgivable.

There are points to ponder for Sharifs, Punjab’s other political parties and the politico-military establishment the major part of which consists of Punjab. If the power base of the security establishment is divided into pieces, where would its edifice stand is not a million dollar question.