US ‘bigger enemy’ than India for Pakistan, says Imran Khan


The US is now perceived as a “bigger enemy” in Pakistan than India, the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan said on Sunday, while voicing concern that his country is “petrified” it could be bombed every time a terror attack takes place in India, US or Europe. Imran Khan further said that no amount of confidence-building measures will help India and Pakistan if intelligence agencies from the two countries interfere in each other’s business. “No matter how far we go with confidence-building measures, one act like Mumbai will bring us back to square one,” he said. Addressing a gathering of students at the Columbia Journalism School, Imran Khan said that thanks to the American policy in Pakistan, a majority of Pakistanis now perceive US to be a bigger enemy than India. “What the American policy has achieved in Pakistan is something which is almost impossible to imagine.
About 80 per cent of Pakistanis perceive US to be a bigger enemy than Indians” even though Pakistan and India have fought four wars, he said. On whether he thinks India is an “existential threat” to Pakistan, Imran Khan said “no I don’t think so.” He said Pakistan and India should have a “completely new relationship,” as this will benefit the Sub-Continent, adding that a relationship based on suspicion is completely counter-productive for both countries.


    • LOL – good one!

      (Apart from Imran Khan …..he is one of your few genuine diamonds left in Pakistan…from a AJK)

  1. He’s Right….US is a slow poison, An enemy is disguise of a friend :-)…. They proved it over the ages, since we believe they help us actually they want to get us addicted 😀

  2. This is a wrong question to ask. It would have made sense if Imran himself would have proclaimed India as a bigger threat than the US. He is only telling his US audience how anti-Americanism has grown in Pakistan thanks to the US policies and how now about 80 per cent of Pakistanis perceive US to be a bigger enemy than India as per a recent survey.

    • Precisely, he is not saying that, but rather mentioning people's perceptions. News paper has shown poor editorial judgement to show him saying this

  3. Things don’t remain static. Today, as far as Pakistan is concerned, India is quite and is getting away with a good name that’s because all what they need from Pakistan, US is getting that job done for them. They have convergent views.

  4. No both India and US are equally bigger enemies, if you look at Indian media its anti-Muslim, anti-Pakistan and similarly, the US have their own in trust and agenda.

    • Being an Indian i keep wondering why Pakistanees feel that India ia a threat to them. is not this created by their corrupt military so that they, the public, do not question their own poverty and lack of everything.

      What will Pakistanees do if India was caught red handed in terrorising Pakistan's
      Parliament – causing distruction and loss of lives???

  5. As an American I feel that America (or rather its military-industrial complex) are the biggest threat to the stability of Pakistan and that region of the world. Because of the large number of Camo-collar jobs that the U.S. has any war is a good war for the economic elites. Due to this, war prone regions (especially south/southeast asia) are subject to hawkish policies by the U.S. government because of the obscene amount of control economic elites have on the U.S. govt.

  6. You could have done with more sensible approach Mr. Khan. India is not our enemy at all. As a matter of fact, we are the enemies of India. Dancing on the “establishment’s” tune was the last thing expected from you.

  7. Whatever Imran Khan spoke about is an emerging reality today…….Pak, India may have good relationship in future based on mutual respect ( as we had a shared history for almost a millennium)……..US on the other hand is using India Pak both as tissue papers for its bigger political & economic agenda (for Russia & China) in this region to sustain its "superpower status"…….I would like to agree with Ben that every US strategic move is at the disposal of its inhuman & ruthless political & economic elite…… (mainly Jewish)

  8. Imran khan sahibreal pakistani honest and repersentative of innocent pastoons which want united pakistan,in current politicall situation usa ,nato forces are bigger enymies than india becuse they killing innocent pashtoon in Afganistan,in pakistan since 10yrs,now alqaida is finished so afgani and pakistani people douting that usa want occupying Afganistan for histregic and buisnessso usa dont want pakistan their because pakistan and Afganistan have great relatonship,usa want a weak pakistan for his greed so usa is dangrous for pakistan.but if usa not sto such type of arttificial or wrong policies usa will suffer gggggreatly by pashtoon and pakistan.

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