Mother, daughter murdered in mysterious circumstances


Afzal Bibi, 55, and her daughter Nighat Parveen, 20, were murdered by unidentified robbers after they looted valuables from their home early on Sunday in the Nawankot Police precincts. Police investigators suspected the incident gave the appearance of a family dispute rather than a robbery-murder. The two deceased women were residents of Jhugian Nagran for over 25 years. They lived with Nawaz Khan, Afzal Bibi’s husband, who ran a general store from inside the house. Early Sunday morning, Nawaz Khan, who was sleeping on the rooftop, tried to go downstairs in order to offer his prayers, when he found the connecting door locked from inside. He knocked repeatedly, but got no response. Nawaz immediately raised the alarm, and called a local boy passing the street below for help. The boy found the main door of Nawaz’s house open and saw Afzal Bibi and Nighat Perveen lying dead inside.
Police investigators collected particulars from the crime scene and removed the bodies to the city morgue for autopsy. Nawankot Police registered a case against unidentified robbers on the complaint of Nawaz, who claimed that robbers had killed his wife and daughter during a robbery bid. He added that the robbers had looted valuables, including gold ornaments and cash worth Rs 150,000.
Nawankot Police Station Investigations Incharge Haji Akram told Pakistan Today that unidentified killers had killed Afzal Bibi by hitting her with an iron rod on the head, while Nighat had been strangled. He said though the killers had tied Nighat’s hands to the bed before murdering her, there was no evidence that they had tried to rape Nighat. He added that they had collected circumstantial evidences from the crime scene and had started investigations. Haji Akram said he could not find any clue from the crime scene suggesting that the murder was prompted because of the robbery. He said the incident seemed a result of a family dispute, which might include matrimonial issues. Later on Sunday, Police handed over the bodies to heirs after autopsy, who burried them in Chakwal. After the robbery-murder, residents protested against police the increase in robberies in the area.
Locals said the family had never been involved in immoral activities and had an impeccable reputation. A relative Arsalansaid the family had never been involved in any malicious activities. He added that his uncle, Nawaz Khan, never had any enmities within the family, nor was he involved in any clash with the other residents of the community.