Many cities in Sindh closed, mourning after news of Nusrat’s death


Businesses in many cities in Sindh were closed after hearing the news of Begum Nusrat Bhutto’s death on Sunday. Larkana, Ratodero, Naodero and other cities were closed after the news of Nusrat Bhutto’s death was heard.
People rushed to the President Camp House in Naudero, however the entrances to the house were closed on accord of security measures for Member National Assembly (MNA) Faryal Talpur’s tour. Faryal has been staying in the house since October 19. The people had to return home without expressing condolences at the ancestral residence of the Bhutto family.
Sources from the Pakistan’s People’s Party (PPP) revealed that the doors of the Bhutto House will be opened for every one to offer condolences after foolproof security measures have been taken. Sources said that Nusrat Bhutto will be buried at the left side of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s grave. Benazir Bhutto is buried at the right side of her father’s grave.

Nusrat Bhutto’s timeline
Full Name: Nusrat Isphanie Bhutto
Date of Birth: March 23, 1929
September 8, 1951: Married Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
April 4, 1979: Became PPP chairwoman following her husband’s execution. Remained chairwoman until January 10, 1983
February 1981: PPP under Nusrat became a vital part of the Movement for the Restoration of Democracy (MRD)
1982: General Ziaul Haq allowed her to go to London for cancer treatment
November 16, 1988: Elected MNA from Larkana
March 31, 1989 to August 6, 1990: Senior minister without portfolio
October 6, 1993: Elected MNA once again
1997: Accused in Cotecna case
October 23, 2011: Died after protracted illness in Dubai


  1. we dont need a holiday. When Nusrat Bhutto was alive no one gave a shit, now that she is dead stupid govt is acting stupid. F****** idiots rule my country.

  2. This is not the time to settle old scores with Bhuttos by being harsh. Death is a reality and every one has to taste it. This is a time of grief for the family. A dignified behaviour would not cost a penny but will not cause hurt. Many thanks for reading this brief comment.

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