Imran, dengue no source of embarrassment for PML-N: Mushahid Ullah


PML-N Information Secretary Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan has said senate election, dengue fever, Imran Khan and 5th budget were not any source of embarrassment for PML-N.
Such non serious statements from the prime minister showed that he had no interest in the problems of a common man, for which, PML-N had been repeatedly reminding him since 2008 general elections, he said.
Contrary to it, he and President Asif Ali Zardari should focus on how the sinking boat of their rule could be salvaged and how to protect their massive corruption against the noose of law”, he said further in a statement issued here Monday.
He said the government had proved itself inefficient in addressing the problems of people and running the governance matters, therefore, people had come to the streets.
Government was enacting a new drama every day to cover up its failures instead of resolving the problems of people, he added.
He went on to say PML-N joined hands with government for the sake of democracy and preferred the way of dialogue to staging protest rallies on roads.
He said every sane person was alive to this reality and it was a fact too that people were fed up with this government and were determined to get rid of this corrupt and incompetent government.
If PML-N did not pay heed to the voice of masses, it would be a tragedy for democracy as the attitude of rulers manifested that they were neither interested in the uplift of people nor in democracy, he said adding that their motive was only to prolong their rule to pursue the lust for minting money and inducting their favourites and relatives on top posts.