Cosmetic surgery helping people with inferiority complexes


Cosmetic surgery helps greatly in restoring confidence among people with shaky behaviour and to some extent it assists such people in getting rid of multiple complexes, which can undermine their performances. In an interview with Pakistan Today, Dr Farhat Bokhari, a cosmetic and plastic surgeon, said that the inferiority complex among males and females could lead to the clinical depression and cosmetic surgery would surely be helpful for them. Certified by the American Board of plastic surgery, Dr Bokhari said that a large number of people, particularly women, suffered from depression because of their appearance. “But the women who are not satisfied with their beauty can get revive their appearance through cosmetic surgery,” said Dr Bokhari, adding that after pregnancy many women would fail to maintain their figure which could seriously harm their appearance.
The cosmetic surgery, he said, involved techniques intended for the “enhancement” of appearance through surgical and medical techniques and it was specifically concerned with maintaining normal appearance and restoring it and that sometimes it could also be used to attain the apparent beauty beyond the average level. Dr Bokhari informed this scribe that cosmetic surgery was a branch of plastic surgery. “Plastic surgery has many types including treatment of burn victims and patients with mutilated figures or disfigured appearances”, he added. Cosmetic surgery can be helpful in breast augmentation, lip enhancement, chin augmentation, liposuction etc.
Dr Bokhari told Pakistan Today that obesity was also considered as a curse and through liposuction extra fats could be removed easily. “Liposuction is also known as lipoplasty or simply lipo that removes all the extra fats from various parts of the human body. Areas affected can range from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, backs of the arms and elsewhere,” he added. He, however, warned that liposuction could also cause serious health hazards so people intending to undergo the procedure must consult qualified surgeons beforehand.
He was of the view that the number of qualified cosmetic surgeons in the country was very low compared to the number. The education, he said, of this surgery should also be given a proper value in medical education. Dr Bokhari told that he can done hair transplant, nose reshaping, skin treatments, laser hair removal, skin whitening and anti-aging treatments. “The quality of surgery incorporated with expertise of professionals and cost effectiveness makes us distinguished from others. It is always difficult to choose a right cosmetic surgeon but we, being a group of trusted doctors are there to take care of you and the problem of secondary infections and risks associated with surgery in Pakistan are minimised,” he said. In America for example, he said, cosmetic surgery was the most difficult field and no one could practise it without getting a thorough education in that field.
“It is unfortunate to see that in Pakistan, many unqualified doctors have adopted this profession just to earn more money. So it becomes patients’ obligation that they select a surgeon with proper certifications before any treatment,” he pointed out. Telling about his own educational background, Dr Bokhari said he had been certified in the field of plastic surgery from The American Board of Plastic Surgery, College of Physicians & Surgeons of the Columbia University and The University of the State of New York and Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.
Dr Bokhari said the chest problem was very common among men and through cosmetic surgery they could get rid of any complexes attached with it. He said that hair transplantation was another hallmark in the surgical field. “We are trying our best to stem out every reason that can give rise to any inferiority complex,” Bokhari said, adding assuredly that most of the surgeries including the hair transplantation had no side affects.


  1. Plastic Surgery is not for every one. Individuals with personality based difficulties are not suitable for plastic surgery.

    Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in the UK fund such operations on the recommendations of Consultant Psychiatrists. But there have to be robust clinical grounds to make such recommendations. The treatment costs are borne by National Health Service (NHS). The patients do not have to pay a single penny. There is, nevertheless, some cosmetic repair done in the private sector which the the individuals pay from their pocket.

    Extreme caution needs to be exercised before putting someone under a knife.

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