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Poverty-stricken teenager kills 8 family members

A teenager in Gujranwala shot dead his parents and six siblings Sunday because his father could not feed the family, police said.
Mohammad Afzal, 19, is believed to have drugged his parents, two sisters, and four brothers, before tying them up and killing them, said senior police officer Syed Mehmood Gilani.
The dead siblings were aged between three and 16 years, Gilani added, saying that the victims “all died on the spot”.
Police suspect that the victims were given sleeping drugs before being shot but are waiting for the autopsy report for confirmation.
Afzal, who was the eldest of the children, initially told police that bandits had killed his family during a burglary but was arrested by officers after finding no signs of forced entry.
Afzal then confessed to the murders, saying he decided to kill all of them because he could not break the cycle of poverty that had engulfed the family, police said.
“His father was a poor donkey cart owner and he told us that the father had been unable to feed the family twice a day,” police said.

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  1. Muneeba Zeeshan said:

    authority is to blame even if a dog is died of starving.. they have no idea what a great fire is waiting for them.. but still what the retarded boy did is absolutely wrong

  2. raceysta said:

    It was definitely wrong to kill his family! But how sad that he felt he had to do so. I feel there is more to this story….

  3. GetReal said:

    Six siblings between age three and 16 years from a donkey cart owner!!! People should use contraceptives. Nobody OWES them food and shelter when one keeps breeding like that. Even if this "donkey cart" owner was born in the richest country in west and had 6 kids between age 3 and 16, they would have still starved.

  4. mahmoodahmad said:

    government policies are going to reduce poor not poverty

  5. jay said:

    What’s wrong with Muslims??? You guys breed like animals and are causing a strain everywhere you go. Why do you beg Western countries for social assistance and welfare when you have 10 kids and live in our cities. Just go and beg “Allah” if he says you will get blessings for every kid you have. Just give it up we all know you guys breed just for numbers and its all coming back in your faces, you guys have the most shitty countries in the world and they will keep getting worse. Oh well, at least you guys do have some hot girls that I have been hooking up with lately in London.

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