Lahore DCO’s appointment challenged


Lahore District Coordination Officer (DCO) Ahad Cheema’s appointment was challenged in the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Saturday. The petition was filed by Azhar Siddique submitting that Cheema, a BPS-18 officer, was appointed as DCO despite the fact that the seat was reserved for a BPS-20 officer. He said that the DCO was appointed on political basis in sheer violation of Section 26 of the Punjab Local Government Ordinance. The petitioner said before being appointed as DCO, Cheema was in BPS-17 and appointed on a BPS-20 seat of secretary higher education on political basis and due to favoritism.
While working as secretary higher education, Cheema got BPS-18 and introduced the online computerised examination system for education boards, which not only failed completely but destroyed the future of many students. But surprisingly, Cheema was promoted by the Punjab government to BPS-18 and appointed DCO. As DCO, Cheema proved disastrous for the city when the dengue epidemic took his test and he failed to perform well when people expected him to play his role for ensuring quality surveillance over the departments concerned, including health, and over 300 people died due to lack of a workable life saving plan.
Siddique requested the court to cancel Cheema’s appointment as DCO and order an inquiry for his misdeeds. He also requested the court to restrain him from working and appoint him on a seat according to his pay scale until a final judgment on the petition.
LHC requested to stay admissions to medical colleges: An application has been moved in the Lahore High Court by FSc students requesting the court to stop process of admissions to government medical and dental colleges through a Combined Merit List issued by the University of Health Sciences (UHS).
The application was filed by Muhammad Zubair and other parents of FSc students, through their counsel Muhammad Azhar Siddique, who submitted that the UHS had malafie intentions for issuing the Combined Merit List of medical and dental colleges, adding that it was also against the law, as their petitions were pending in court for hearing on October 24, against the entry test policy.
As the court on the last hearing had sought reply and para-wise comments on the petition from the UHS and Punjab government,
it was unlawful to complete admissions before the said date, without filing replies on the petition.
The counsel stated that if the admission process session 2011-12 in medical colleges was finalised by respondent university, the daughter of petitioner Muhammad Zubair and other applicants would suffer irreparable loss, as their fight against the faulty entry test policy would prove to be a futile exercise.
The counsel said despite the fact that Zubair’s daughter had secured 12th position in the Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, and the 16th position in the whole province in FSc examinations, she had been thrown at serial no 1914 in the UHS’s combined merit list, a vivid proof of the faulty entry test system which was destroying the futures of many intelligent students.
He said with 40 percent marks in merit for FSc and 60 percent for the entry test, the admission policy was playing havoc with the students, who are never sure about admission into colleges, despite burning midnight oil to secure good marks in the FSc examinations. He prayed to the court to suspend the combined merit list and also cancel the notification for the first admission on October 30.
LHC stays banking case against
PML-N Senator: The Lahore High Court on Saturday stayed the proceedings of a banking court against PML-N Senator Pervaiz Rasheed and others in a loan recovery case.
Justice Muhammad Khalid Mehmood Khan passed the order on a petition filed by Abida Khanum submitting that she was one of the directors of M/S Dairy and Food producers (Pvt) Limited, and the other two directors were Pir Shaukat Hussain and Senator Perviz Rasheed. She said Hussain and herself were dormant directors, whereas Senator Perviz Rasheed had resigned as director.
She submitted that a loan worth Rs 7.5 million was availed from the Zarai Taraqiati Bank (ZTB), to set up the factory from 1987 to 1990. However, due to floods, the construction work was damaged, which delayed the work for nine months, she added.
The petitioner submitted that after completion, the factory started production, which continued for few years when the then chief executive closed down the factory without informing the dormant directors.
She submitted that after closure, the machinery was stolen and a FIR was registered in this regard. However, the bank filed a recovery suit against the petitioner and seven others in the said circumstances.
She said an application was moved to ZTB for settlement but the bank did not consider it. Meanwhile, the suit was decreed but the auctioneers could not sell the property, the petitioner added.
The petitioner submitted that she again approached the bank for settlement after the launch of a new incentive policy on June 15, 2011 and the bank, through a letter, demanded that double the principle amount be deposited in three days, which was impracticable due to paucity of time.
The bank settled many cases as per the new policy, but the petitioner was discriminated against, she said and added that she was ready to pay 25 percent of the loan now, with the remaining to be paid off over two years in installments.
She asked the court stay the proceedings of the trial court. After hearing the arguments, the court stayed the proceedings and issued notices to the concerned parties. On September 21, a banking court had ordered initiation of proceedings of proclaimed offender against Perviz Rashid and others in the said case. However, on Saturday, the banking court was informed that the Lahore High court had stayed the proceedings.


  1. is the current admission policy is not in line with trhe supreme court orders of last year to comply with the PMDC recommended policy for admissions into GOVT medical colleges admissions in Punjab.
    can we affoard to loose the time of students ???? time and again by challanging the admission policy? which to our understanding was most transparent and legitimate through out the proceedings of admission process.

    • The entry test was very easy…any student who can score good in F.Sc could solve that test very easily…the mcqs which were given in entry test are the very common lines present in F.Sc books…

  2. bt here one thing shd b mntiond that wt ws the fault of those candidates who wr improvng their fst year n their reslt is stil late. there will b really a svere playing with students" future wch wont be so easily ignored. student cant bear this great havoc to nt only their lives bt to their partents efrts,wishes,longings nnnnn the final decision taking persn wd b respnsble fr students" n their parents" response.

  3. excuse me sir. why should other students suffer. go to the boards and ask them . there are 35000 candidates and know 8000 are selected. why should 8000 suffer bcz of them. it is the fault of the board. such boards should be finished and students must avoid them

  4. this is absoultly wrong policy of uhs . that is changing system in each year . students get good marks in fsc but uhs cannot count these numbers . but prefers entry test . i prefer that again 70 ur 30 wala farmula issue ki jay . ap ki marhbani ho gy .


  5. this is absolutly wrong policy . students get good marks in fsc. but uhs prefer entry test . why????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? .therfore p4refer 70ur30 wala formula issue ho .

  6. thius is the destruction of students why????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i prefer 70 ur 30 wala farmula issu ho .

  7. This is very very wrong policy of UHS that ignoring 12 years FSc and preference are given to 2 hours test. Pl stop this criteria of jughment and keep last year formula immediately.

  8. I say to all protestors that it is not a time to protest against the present admission policy of UHS.UHs had aware you of new admission policy in new year.

  9. I also understand your all difficulties .But my question is that :

  10. we did not protest this new criteria policy earlier because on the time of protest uhs had engaged us to prepare their very very and very strange syllabus !!! tab ham preparation start karte ya phir protest continue karte!!!!!!????? perhaps !! on that time the criteria policy might have been neglected by all the students !!!????i was also surprised k why did not students protest against that redeculus policy??!!!

  11. listen in the previous yearrs there was 70 30 ratio.. then y did they do dat nowww… look at mee my agregate z 80.9 wd thz ratio nd 82.9 wd 70 30 ratio i loosed my agregate coz ov ma matrik markx isntt dz injustice???????????there shuld b a single criteria ov judjing the studentxx ov every year. i pleadddddddddddd i request uhs plxxxxxxxxx plxxxxxx for God sake dont spoil our future….plz i request apply 70 30..our future z not a game ..dont do injustice … or else u people will not be pardoned in the court ov ALLAH ALMIGHTY…

    • same matter is with me……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    • u r absolutely rite mano…….. i also have my persontage 80.5 with new formula nd with 70 ,30 formula i would get 83.03% …….. why they r not prefring fsc 4 which we work hard for 2 years

  12. 50 40 10 is absolutely right criteria.students who protest against this criteria,should first look upon themselves either they worked hard or not to pass the e.test.entry test is not a separate is just a judgment of a student that either he/she passed the fsc by his hardwork or by cheating.uhs clearly advised the students to prepare from the books which they have studied before then what was the problem in studying them again??
    The students who r protesting now,they should have protested before the test.real injustice is that to spoil the future of many students just for the sake of 10 students who didn't prepare for the e.test.Student who gets good marks in fsc seems hardworking but no one knows whether he got his marks with his hardwork or by cheating or smthing e.tst solves the problem.i got 905 marks in fsc and prepared for the e.tst at home and got 916 marks in it.those ten students either got there fsc mrks by cheating or they didn't prepared for the test.i regret to say that those ten students are wrong.

    • 100% agree….test totally book ma se tha.not a single mcq was out ov the syllabous………
      so abhi 50 40 10 wla criteria he follow hona chahye jo krna tha test se phle krte ab hmare future se kyun khel rhe hain ye log???????

  13. the students who get low marks in fsc ,they repeat fsc ……………….but the students who get low marks in matric and high marks in fsc ………what should these students do???? should they repeat matriccccccccccccccccccc again???!!!!! oh gash !!! such an injustice is totally unbearable???

    • Yeah u r right,, yaar LHC ney 2.colleges bhi block ker diye hain,, Sahiwal and D.G.Khan medical college,,, Now wats dis non-sense??? yaar hamara country v ajeeb hai, idher kuch v ho skta hai,,,

  14. i think so 70 nd 30 formula shoud b applied……. as we burn our mid night oil to get good marks in fsc .so we do hard work 4 2 years nd in the end the entry test had high weightage…… nd fsc has small.. why?????????? than why we work hard for 2 years????????????? if uhs give prefrance to enrty test than we should read entry test slaybus for 2 years not fsc slaybus……….. is ther any answer ov my question???????????????????

  15. Jo formula bhi rakhna hai jaldi rakhe but hamara result to bta de or intazar nahi hota or waisay bhi jis stubent nay bhi fsc achay marks se pass ki hai wo entry test me bhi achay marks le ga plzzzzzzzzzzzzz merit list laga dy

  16. m wd 70 30 students ko protest krna chahiye.mere fsc main 960 marks hain r entry test main 840 r mera admission nhi ho skta…

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